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Article by Shusara Akona Kumara September 16, 2016

The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness


At The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness, I facilitate group meditations each month during the new and full moons. Rarefied energies from our central sun bathe Earth at these times and group meditation brings with it the benefit of exponentially increasing the expansion of consciousness for the entire collective, versus individual meditation practiced at home.

I don’t normally speak about what I experience during these meditations, much less write about them publicly. However, I will make an exception for tonight’s full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces, since the messages I received indicated, I believe, great change in the coming months.  The music I choose for these meditations come in and often don’t make any logical sense to me. Tonight’s playlist was certainly different from past meditations, with empty spaces between groups of songs, scattered sounds and even heavenly choirs. As we sat in meditation, guided by the energy within the music and from within the Illumined realms, the energies of old, trapped pain and struggle from lifetimes upon lifetimes came to the surface to be seen, acknowledged and released. This was corroborated post-meditation when one of our participants said she experienced multiple past lifetimes and “bad” or “dark” things that had happened within them.

We often joke at The Kumara Center that we have a dragon mascot. He shows up from time to time during meditations and is a fearsome, but very wise and protective, Being. During tonight’s meditation, he came into my awareness. I watched him stand up very tall and stretch his long, graceful neck skyward. Then he extended his massive wings and took off, up into the air, and seemed to hover as he looked down at the earth below. I heard the message “it’s time to get above it” and immediately understood. The energies are now supporting us to collectively look at old situations from a new space…a space where we view the old, outdated beliefs and stories from above. It is time to stand outside the collective stories; to be objective and to not be afraid of leaving the old behind.

Further on, during a long and very beautiful Hindu song, I saw a person walk through a door, then turn to close it. He looked through the opening for a second and then, very deliberately closed the door softly, with deep love and compassion, before turning away and walking forward. There was an unusually long break between the end of that song and the next and it seemed to indicate the break between what can now be released and the potential of what is to come when/if we do.

The last two songs were choral in nature and sounded like angels serenading us. The energy lifted immediately and first I felt the movement…recognizing the potential of what we can accomplish as a collective. And then, after that recognition, the last song escorted us all, as one humanity, higher and higher…deeper and deeper into the Love that we are.

The eclipse has brought forward strong energies and many will have to struggle through them for a time. But, I have been shown what is to come and it is beautiful, indeed!