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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 13 May 2021

Akashic Wisdom with Dahna Fox

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The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your soul's journey over every lifetime. Every thought, word & deed is registered in the Akasha including your Soul's intention for this lifetime.

YOU are my guest! This show is dedicated to getting your questions about your life answered and receiving your "Message from the Akasha". 

Email your questions for the show early to be considered for the show! Remember to include your current legal name and phone number in case I have to contact you regarding your question before or after the show.

Dahna Fox
Talk Show Host, Akashic Records Facilitator, Teacher, Life Coach, Success Coach, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker, Learning Facilitator

I am  a mother, grandmother, stepmother, step-grandmother, wife, entrepreneur and blossoming woman.  My business and my passion is working with the Akashic Records both by providing individual consultations and teaching people how to access their own Akashic Records and the Akashic Records of others, the land and animals (all with permission only).  I travel nationally speaking and teaching and have an international telephone consultation practice.

Dahna Fox, lives in Cleveland, travels nationally as an Akashic Records Teacher and Consultant offering individual consultations, workshops and lectures about the Akashic Records. She has been working in the area of personal growth for over 28 years. Dahna has created, through the Akashic Records, 3 CDs: Remembering Your Magnificence, The Akashic Records on Forgiveness and The Wisdom Place.