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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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The Sports Doctor Guest, Timmer Halligan June 05, 2024
Tennis Coach to numerous top juniors, Raleigh Raquet Club Manager

With over 30 year's of experience in the tennis industry Timmer brings to the Raleigh Racquet Club a wealth of tennis experience. Timmer was the Regional General Manager for Tennis Corporation of America overseeing several clubs including Mid-Town Tennis Club Chicago known as the premier indoor tennis club in the United States. For the past several years he has been a consultant to several clubs helping them to achieve next level growth in all areas, most recently Five Star Tennis in the Chicagoland area helping them become the 2017 USTA Facility of the Year. 
As a coach he has been named USPTA Junior coach of the year and helped over 80 players earn division I scholarships. 


Shadow Politics Guest, Seth David Radwell June 02, 2024
The author of "AMERICAN SCHISM: How the Two Enlightenments Hold the Secret to Healing Our Nation

The author of "AMERICAN SCHISM: How the Two Enlightenments Hold the Secret to Healing Our Nation," Seth David Radwell is an internationally known business executive and thought leader in consumer marketing.

Prior to devoting his full-time to writing AMERICAN SCHISM, Radwell served as CEO of The Proactiv Company, the leading skincare brand for acne. Prior to that, Seth David served as President & Chief Revenue Officer of Guthy-Renker and President of e-Scholastic, the digital arm of the global children’s publishing and education conglomerate. In earlier roles, he was President of Bookspan/Bertelsmann.

Radwell earned a Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and a BA from Columbia University. Seth splits his time between the United States (Los Angeles & New York) and Europe (Paris).

The Bev Moore Show Guest, Captain William Toti May 31, 2024
Consultant, Author, Military Expert

Bio 👇

Captain William Toti USN Retired


Location: Florida, United States

Occupation: Consultant, Author, Military Expert

“Here’s a real statistic for you: 200,000 people leave the military every year, and of those, greater than 50 percent quit their first job or are fired from their first job within two years of leaving the military,” Toti said. “Most transitioning veterans struggle, and it increases their stress level. And for those with PTSD, failure to transition just adds to that.”

On the other side of the equation are companies that don’t understand the veteran mindset and don’t know how to help their veterans succeed, and this disconnect costs companies millions of dollars in lost recruiting costs and compensation.

In an effort to “reboot things for transitioning veterans,” Toti started writing down lessons he had learned in his post-military career. The result is his book, From CO to CEO: A Practical Guide for Transitioning from Military to Industry Leadership.

“The book is intended to correct the defects the military injects into its transitioning veterans before they leave service; it’s intended to help companies head off problems in assimilating new veteran employees; and it’s intended to serve as a guide for transitioning veterans to help them understand the business environment and learn new skills necessary for them to succeed,” Toti added.

William Toti served for more than 26 years on active duty, culminating as commodore of Submarine Squadron 3, then 15 years as a corporate executive and eventually a CEO. He has been featured in several documentaries, including The Lost Ships of World War II (Fox), USS Indianapolis: The Final Chapter (PBS), USS Indianapolis: Live from the Deep (PBS), USS Indianapolis: The Legacy, 9/11: One Day in America (National Geographic), 9/11: The Pentagon (The History Channel) and 9/11: Inside the Pentagon (PBS).  He is co-host of the popular YouTube podcast, "An Unauthorized History of the Pacific War"

A Night At The Roundtable Guest, Anastasia Frank May 30, 2024
Empath, Life Coach

Anastasia Frank has supported thousands of high-achieving women to create healthy, connected love with themselves and a partner. 

She does this using her "Abundant Love Mastery" methodology, which teaches women how to feel safe enough in their bodies, so that securely attached love feels safe, and how to take 100% responsibility for their feelings so that they experience profound levels of self-love, and powerfully up-level the quality of partners, friends, and colleagues they attract. 

Anastasia specializes in supporting high-achieving empaths and highly sensitive women in finding their forever person.

Learn more about Anastasia’s work at: and at

And get your copy of the free Masterclass "Healthy Boundaries for Healthy Love" here: !

In this fan-favorite masterclass, you'll learn:

  • The 3 Elements that must exist to set a healthy boundary that facilitates healthy love

  • The biggest mistake most of us make that blocks the honoring of our needs 

  • The #1 non-negotiable thing you must be willing to do & feel to set these 

  • Stories of how clients have used healthy boundaries like these to generate healthy marriages 

  • And more! 

Responder Resilience Guest, Gina Gambino and Jennifer Merenda May 29, 2024
Animal Control Officer

Gina Gambino has served multiple communities as both a Municipal and Regional Animal Control Officer over the past 17 years. She currently holds the position as Head Animal Control Officer for the Monroe, CT Police Department’s Animal Control Unit in Monroe and has been an Assistant Park Ranger in Trumbull, CT for over 10 years. She is the 2019 recipient of the Jon Nowinski Community Champion Award and was the 2016 Wildlife in Crisis Animal Control Officer of the Year. She attributes her perseverance in her career to maintaining a sense of humor during tough times, always remembering where she came from and keeping the standards for her work and service high.

Chief Animal Control Officer Jennifer Merenda has been serving the city of Bridgeport, CT since March 2016. She started volunteering at an animal shelter in middle school, and has always pursued an interest in animal welfare. 
ACO Merenda studied at Becker College and received an Associate’s Degree Animal Care and Behavior and a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. In her role at Bridgeport Animal Control, ACO Merenda aims to balance effective, humane law enforcement with progressive, community centered animal control and care policies.