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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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The Sports Doctor Guest, Dr David Bernstein November 30, 2022
Geriatrician, Aging & life longevity expert

How to live longer and feel better is the subject of David Bernstein, MD latest book: “I’ve Got Some Good News and Some Bad News You’re OLD: Tales of a Geriatrician What to Expect in Your 60s, 70s, 80s and Beyond."

“You’re Old” uses real patient experiences to explore what happens as we age—physically, mentally, and socially. The book also examines the tremendous abilities of medicine today as well as its limits and the social issues that adults in America face as they age.

Using the acronym G.R.A.C.E. he describes the five life choices to age GRACEfully with each chapter concluding with Notes on Living Longer, and a vast resource section, that can help the reader better understand and prepare for the prize of surviving youth and middle-age; becoming old.

Dr. Bernstein is an upbeat speaker with positive and powerful messages. His 30 years of experience as a board certified physician in both Internal Medicine and Geriatrics has provided him with opportunities to observe and empathize with thousands of adults as they age. He uses genuine patient examples and experiences as a physician to motivate others while describing the traits he has discovered in his patients who have lived longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Dr. Bernstein often speaks to healthcare professionals, senior groups and baby boomers. He shares with them a message that focuses on healthy lifestyle choices, healing, resilience and personal and professional success.

Dr. Bernstein's Topics Include:

◦ Aging GRACEfully: A geriatrician's secrets to a healthier and more fulfilling life

◦ But Doctor I’m a Good Driver: Driving and the Aging Adult—taking the car keys away

◦ Addressing End of Life decisions without fear

◦ "Begin with the End in Mind" —making health decision in a complex medical system

◦ The Adventure begins: Riding the roller coaster with your aging parents

Responder Resilience Guest, Cristian Hinojosa November 30, 2022
Battalion Chief, Dallas Fire Rescue

Cristian Hinojosa has served the Dallas community as a public servant for 17 years. He currently serves the Dallas area as a Battalion Chief.

He has led the second largest DFD employee association, representing over 450 firefighters. This role has carried substantial political and administrative responsibilities and has included extensive interaction with DFD Command Staff, City Council, and the City Manager on a regular basis.


Dare To Dream Guest, MASTER CLARICE CHAN November 27, 2022

I’m speaking with Master Clarice who is an inspirational Feng Shui Master, blessed with many gifts. Her journey with the Tarot began in 1987 when she discovered by chance that she could read the tarot intuitively. In 2001 Clarice took a leap of faith by embarking on a new journey within the metaphysical world of Feng Shui and Divination. Since 2006, she has expanded her work internationally.  She is well-respected as a Feng Shui Master and in 2008, she was nominated for Singapore Spirit of Enterprise Award. Master Clarice is also an accomplished writer within the world of Feng Shui. She successfully published the book entitled, “Feng Shui Gourmet” plus a series of annual books which have been reviewed by Harper’s Bazaar, New Sunday Times, New Straits Times, The Finder and Expat Living.  She was named Visionary of the Year, an Irwin Literary Award and is listed as one of 2021’s Best 7 Psychics in Singapore by Clarice has contributed to a multitude of major magazines as well as many radio and podcast interviews.

The Sports Doctor Guest, Gina Pongetti November 23, 2022
Physical Therapist, PT, MPT, MA, CSCS, ART Certified

A former gymnast of 14 years, and an accomplished triathlete herself: Gina raced in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI in October of 2006. She treats on site at Ironman events nationwide and is the provider of choice for many of the nation’s and worlds top Ironman triathletes.

Gina received her Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and Masters in Physical Therapy from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, where she served for more than 8 years on the USA Gymnastics National Health Care Referral Network; providing medical care at meets and lecturing. Currently, Gina takes care of many of our nation’s top gymnasts, including local Elites, National Team members, World Team competitors, NCAA Champions, Olympians, and Pan American Champions.

Before starting her PT career, Gina obtained a Masters in Health Communication from Michigan State University in order to broaden her education and knowledge of health care campaigns, patient-practitioner interaction, and the art of “marketing” health to her patients. While at MSU, she served as an Asst. Women’s Gymnastics coach.

Through school and after, Gina had focused on all levels of athletes and became nationally and internationally recognized as a leading lecturer, educator, and researcher. She has presented over 100 lectures for coaches, parents, gyms, and athletes on various aspects of health care. She has been published in “Technique Magazine” for gymnastics professionals and coaches nationwide, is a Medical Editor for “Inside Publications”, whose disciplines include gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and volleyball. She also writes for “Irish Dancing and Culture Magazine”, as well a medical blogger/contributor for adolescent, adult, and women’s health through “Shannon Miller Lifestyle” online.

Gina has also co-written the only American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) approved manual and course on performing arts medicine: recognized worldwide. Her Performing Arts Medicine specialization includes treatment on site of Broadway touring theater musicals and local productions. Analysis, assessment, treatment, injury prevention, program creation and tour health longevity are focuses of her time with the performers. She has been privileged to work with shows such as “Mary Poppins National Tour, Jersey Boys Chicago, A Chorus Line - National Tour, Fiddler on the Roof - National Tour, Memphis, Shrek - National Tour, the Billy Elliott National Touring Company, Motown, and The Book of Mormon”.

Gina focuses on manual therapy/hands on techniques in combination with in depth analysis of biomechanics and movement patterns. She is fully certified and serves as an instructor with Active Release Techniques, based in Colorado, the leading elite technique for soft tissue-based and overuse injuries. Gina is currently focused on both treatment and education.

In 2007 Gina started her own business: MedGym, LLC and has expanded it via websites, blogs, publications, and educational seminars, focusing on “Gymnastics Sports Medicine for Me,” a course directed at educating gymnastics coaches on the importance of injury prevention and proactive healthcare. Locally, she provides physical therapy and movement analysis, strength program creation, flexibility assessment and sport-specific biomechanics education. Gina works with many local figure skating and cheerleading clubs, dance studios, gymnastics gyms, and musicians as well as endurance sports clubs and more while providing PT services in the Chicagoland Suburbs with Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute.

Gina resides in the suburbs of Chicago and enjoys working out, theater and music, and spending time with her husband and three children and dog, Bucky!

The Sports Doctor Guest, Dylan Ladd November 23, 2022
Music Educator, Vocalist & Founder Academy of the Arts in Naperville, Illinois

Dylan Ladd is a music educator and vocalist from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Academy of the Arts, an arts school in the Western suburbs of Chicago. Dylan has taught choir and musical theater in grades 6-12 as well as college.  Additionally, he is a Vocal Director for Royal Caribbean Productions.  Dylan earned his Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Arts & Entertainment Administration degrees from Valparaiso University. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in School Administration & Supervision from Johns Hopkins University.

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Taylor Rae
Music Playing on BBS Radio

New Music By : BBS Radio TV Staff - Powered by insightful, poetic and deeply personal lyrics, Taylor Rae’s music is propelled by a voice that, while wholly unique, could best be described as a sizzling folk, jazz and blues hybrid

Pink Turns Blue
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New Music By : BBS Radio TV Staff - Pink Turns Blue are an influential post punk / new wave band from Berlin, Germany

Kenny Hughes
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New Music By : BBS Radio TV Staff - South African Blues Extraordinaire Kenny Hughes is ecstatic to share his new single and video called 19:20. "Kenny is a fantastic singer and he sure can play guitar" - Evert Snyman

Katie Kittermaster
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New Music By : BBS Radio TV Staff - Katie Kittermaster is a singer/songwriter based in the UK. She sang for Ricky Martin, Maxwell and 50Cent when she was just 12. UK Songwriting Competion Winner 2019

Gregory Douglass
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New Music By : BBS Radio TV Staff - Gregory’s evocative, alternative sound blends "Rufus Wainwright's opulent musicality and Justin Timberlake ́s accessible soulfulness," (OUT Magazine)

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New Music By : BBS Radio TV Staff - Skopje-based international recording artist, Andrea displays soulful tones with the confidence and sophistication

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