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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

Produced and Delivered Web-TV Programming

Connect The Dots with Tom Edison - Video presentation combined
Guest, Elena Danaan, Real Disclosure From a Higher Prospective

Real Disclosure From a Higher Prospective. Another (Must See Video) Covering ET Races, "GOOD AND BAD", Abduction and Off World Origins. Elena Danaan is a Contactee and experiencer since her early childhood. Born in France, Archeologist, Druids & Shaman, Energy & Sound Healer. She worked as a field Archeologist for 20 years, mainly in Egypt for the CNRS and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Balancing both her scientific education & work experience with her natural psychic & cognitive abilities, Elena narrates with simplicity the incredible adventures she was privileged to live. ABDUCTIONS & ALIEN RACES. In her book "A GIFT FROM THE STARS" , Elena Danaan took great courage to disclose her true story, which she kept secret until the day she understood it could help many victims to find answers. With this book, she whishes to help, support and inspire those who are afraid to speak. It recounts a story as many victims of Alien abductions have endured, but which, that time, turned out to be lucky; she was rescued in the process by other benevolent beings, who kept contact with her until nowadays. They gave her a gift, because they believed it could help humans to understand better what is going on in the shade of secrecy, but also provide comfort in the understanding of who all these aliens are, where they come from, and what their diverse agendas are.... This book contains a map of the stars with the positions of the main Civilizations interacting with Earth, and a repertoire of all these races. Because she is a shaman and a gifted artist, Elena could draw everything she was shown. You will find also in this book beautiful messages of hope for humanity, as well as outstanding disclosure. We are not alone. There aren't only demons in the sky, there are also angels.