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Broadcast Date
Galexis Show - Nov 5th 8pm
BBS RADIO Paradigm Shifters presents messages about the changes on our planet and amongst humanity these days.  It’s been a few years, so it is high
time we bring you Ginger Metraux with Galexis, channeled Beings of LIGHT onto the show.  They invigorate overviews of the paradigm shifting going on, in weather, politics, health and human potential — always entertaining, always sur
surfing waves of evolution. What are your concerns?
Veronica will talk with Galexis about the chaos and destruction in the world, but also what's going on in health stressors (like 5G) and healing breakthroughs. As always the corporations are invested in pharmaceuticals and expensive procedures, and the government supports their domination of the market while making their holistic and inexpensive competition illegal.
Tune in for the shifting perspectives of our reality today.   
November 5th at 8 PM here on