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Headlined, Radio Free Kanata, October 30, 2016

Marie Reine du Monde Catholic Cathedral, Montreal

This Sunday October 30 on Radio Free Kanata:

Evil has an Address: Cult Ritual Crimes and How to Stop Them

Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern on bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata

As part of our ongoing series on Missing People, we will examine the evidence of the cult ritual networks that prey on children and the vulnerable. Who and what is behind them? Can these murderers be exposed and prosecuted?

Your regular hosts Kevin Annett and Ryan Gable will explore the evidence gathered by common law courts and the ITCCS, and share some of the weapons that can be deployed against criminals in high places.

Headlined, John Barbours World, October 31, 2016

The Face of Imperialism by Michael Parenti

AIRDATE: 10/31/16 Monday 5-6pm Pacific

1st Guest: Michael Parenti author of The Face of Imperialism

2nd Guest: JP Sottile - News Analyst

Headlined, Insight Out...the Naked Truth, October 25, 2016

Tuesday evenings 7 PM, Sunday Mornings 8 AM (PT)

If you're inclined to say, "You Don't Say," you're right on the mark, because "You Don't Say" is the focus for tonight's edited radio show-- "Insight Out, the Naked Truth"

​During tonight' conversation we'll take a look at the Buddha's "Right use of Speech" as well as highlighting the one communication glitch that causes so much human discord, misunderstanding, frustration and all around inability to express our needs and get them met--the thing we "don't say."

"You Don't Say" (your line)

(Forgive me for putting words in your mouth--you can always spit them out by saying, "You Don't Say" after you gargle.)

Headlined, Universal Soul Love, October 25, 2016

Author Kristine Carlson "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"

Det David and Dr Lana Love speak with Kristine Carlson author of the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” Series.

Kristine Carlson will be sharing highlights from her personal career, as well as her spiritual and philosophical views. 

Kristine will also be sharing a special message about afterlife soulmate relationships.

Headlined, Ask Kadian, October 23, 2016

Ask Kadian, Kadian Grant

Developing Your Own Formula for Success

This show will help you to understand why you are not succeeding and manifesting your desires. I will help you to begin your own personal journey to the life you are destined to have.

Headlined, Shadow Politics, October 23, 2016

Frank Smith Jr

Our special guest for the first half hour is Frank Smith, Jr. who is a civil rights activist, politician in Washington, D.C. and is an advocate for DC Statehood.  At the completion of this interview join us as we discuss this past week's world & national news . . . especially the new developments in the Presidential race!  Call in number TOLL FREE is 888-627-6008!

Headlined, As You Wish Talk Radio, October 22, 2016

James Gilliland with guest, Kmdr. Kosta Gus Makreas. They discuss topics related to Galactic events.

Headlined, The War Report on Public Education, October 23, 2016

Please join Internet radio host Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. for a report on the Houston Education and Civil Rights Summit that took place on October 14th and 15th. Joining Dr. Miller will be members of United Opt Out and the Houston Federation of Teachers - Gus Morales, Dr. Denisha Jones, Zak Rodriguez, and Erika Chalverria.

Please check out these pages to find out more about United Opt Out and this very important summit.

Headlined, Randirobics, October 29, 2016

Randirobics Kids Club Radio Show, Randi Chenkin

Randirobics Kids Club Radio Show
Created and hosted by-Randi Chenkin
"Children's fitness personality"

An interactive fitness entertainment program that features kids sing-along aerobics, space adventures, all original music and a lot of out of this world fun! You can visit with her fan club page at BBSradio.com/Randirobics 

Headlined, Why Life Is..., October 21, 2016

Advanced Consciousness Series:

Spiritual Implications of the Near Future of Genetic Engineering

Headlined, Radio Free Kanata, July 5, 2015

Radio Free Kanata

The War at Home: Stopping the Theft of our Children, and Establishing the Republic

Sunday July 05, 2016 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern on bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata

Article by Kevin Annett October 19, 2016

Unrepentant Radicals: Kevin Annett and Larry Gambone in Conversation
Unrepentant Radicals: Kevin Annett and Larry Gambone in Conversation
Unrepentant Radicals: Kevin Annett and Larry Gambone in Conversation

Headlined, Insight Out...the Naked Truth, October 18, 2016

Tuesday evenings 7 PM, Sunday mornings 8 AM

Blog Entry, Elizabeth Joyce October 18, 2016

The new national currency?
It's All Happening Quickly!
World events are culminating so quickly now that many are wondering if there will be an election, and that is now just three weeks away. There is another body of observers who feel they see evidence of a false flag of some sort being prepared for Nov. 17th and 18th, after the election. I feel that another month beyond that would be being very optimistic. Even the Pope has stated that we shouldn't expect to get to Christmas without being in another World War.

Headlined, Universal Soul Love, October 18, 2016

The Global Freedom Fest

Det David Love and Dr Lana Love will be speaking to the founders of The Global Freedom Fest, a world-wide spiritual event and movement to celebrate love and life.


Tuesday, October 18th at 6:00 pm PT and Wednesday, 19th October at Noon Sydney

Article by Shusara Akona Kumara October 18, 2016

The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness
The Three Keys to Living in the World
Shusara shares the three keys to living in the world.

Headlined, John Barbours World, October 17, 2016

AIRDATE:  10/17/16 Monday 5-6pm Pacific/8-9pm ET

Guest: Rosie Cutter - International performer and astrologer

Call in for free readings tollfree: 888-627-6008

Headlined, Lets Find Out, October 23, 2016

Rhys Thomas, Author, teacher, energy healer

Live The Life You Were Meant To Live

Our guest on "Let's Find Out," energy medicine expert Rhys Thomas shows you how to discover your life purpose and align your decisions with your deepest self, so that your life is fulfilling, productive, and full of joy! In this inspiring book, Thomas guides you in using the Rhys Method ® Life Purpose Profile System to identify your purpose and reconnect with your passions, so you can find true happiness and fulfillment. This system of self-discovery encompasses five distinct soul-based profiles. Which one are you?

Article by Mark Susnow October 16, 2016

Letters On Life - If Not Now Then When
Letters On Life - If Not Now Then When
We continue to live for the future, rather than for today, waiting for the circumstances of our lives to be in perfect alignment. "Ah, then I can be happy again," we think to ourselves.

Headlined, Insight Out...the Naked Truth, October 16, 2016

"Insight Out--the Naked Truth" Tuesdays 7 PM, Sundays 8 AM (PDT)

While it definitely "works for me" to share our broadcast of "Insight Out--the Naked truth" with you, as it turns out,"WORKS FOR ME! is the subject of tomorrow morning's conversation – concerning the human condition and what to make of it.

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Featured Talk Show Guest Appearances

Featured, Guest, Gary and Mary OBrien October 30, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Sunday, October 30, 2016 06:00 pm

Guest, Gary and Mary OBrien

Guest Name: 
Gary and Mary OBrien
Gary and Mary OBrien
Guest Occupation: 
DZAR (pronounced ZAR) is a channeled Energy of Compassion
Guest Biography: 

Who is DZAR?

DZAR (pronounced ZAR) is a channeled Energy of Compassion sought out by people from all around the world for the insights and guidance they share. They are an expression of the creative consciousness that pervades our universe.

Channeled by bestselling authors Gary & Mary O’Brien since 2008, they work with groups and individuals to create changes in their lives that bring more joy and a stronger connection to their Souls, to other people and to the earth itself. Their work begins at the level of the individual. Their goal is the transformation of humanity and the planet. They call on individuals to embrace their own deep knowing of who they are beyond their limited physical identity and to become the catalyst for change in their families, communities and the world around them, to become the Light that guides the way for others and dispels the darkness experienced by so many.

DZAR’s words are encoded with an Energetic transmission, called the Frequency Conversation, that enables people to shift at deep levels simply by sitting in their presence and engaging in the conversation they lead as well as working with the practical tools and processes taught on the workshops. Their groups and individual readings are humorous and playful as well as giving direct and compassionate guidance to help us to experience more joy, freedom and connection in our lives.

 a powerful Meditation brought forward by DZAR, a group of compassionate Energies from All That Is, to support your reconnection to your Soul and to your Expanded Being.

Featured, Guest, Laura & Nikki Lunden October 31, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, October 31, 2016 03:00 pm

Guest, Laura & Nikki Lunden

Guest Name: 
Laura & Nikki Lunden
Laura & Nikki Lunden of 'Lunden Reign' are the Special Guests on The Ray Shasho Show
Guest Occupation: 
Singer, Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist
Guest Biography: 

Lunden Reign to release their second album: "Confessions" December 2016.

Music video from their new album "RED WAGON (Can't Return to Yesterday)" debuts on Saturday, Sept.17th.  

Lunden Reign formed in the summer of 2013 following a tour of the UK by the Lora G & Nikki Lunden Band (Lora G now spelled Laura Espinoza-Lunden).  Since then the prolific songwriting duo, along with their producer & song co-writer, Luis Maldonado (lead guitarist for TRAIN) released their critically acclaimed debut "big beat, alt rock album "American Stranger" in 2015. “American Stranger” made multiple music magazine’s “TOP 10-BEST OF” Lists for 2015.

Now Lunden Reign is preparing for their release of their second album: "Confessions" in December of 2016.  The first single & music video from their new album "RED WAGON (Can't Return to Yesterday)" debuts on Saturday, Sept.17th.  This is the first of ten songs LR created for their sophomoric album.

Nikki & Laura are the core members of Lunden Reign along with Producer & co-writer Luis Maldonado. Nikki & Laura perform both as an acoustic duo: "Laura & Nikki Lunden of Lunden Reign" and as "Lunden Reign" with their full band comprised of: Nikki (lead vocals, guitar), Laura (guitar, keyboards), Matt Lucich (drums), Matt Denis (bass) and Julian Tomarin (guitar).  When not on tour with TRAIN, Luis Maldonado will sometimes join Lunden Reign on stage.

Several legendary rock artists (who love LR's music) has joined them on stage including:  Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons; Terri Nunn (Berlin) and Prescott Niles (The Knack). LR has opened for Belinda Carlisle (Go-Go's); Salt n' Peppa and performs regularly on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

Lunden Reign Official Website ... http://lundenreign.com/

Lunden Reign on Facebook ... https://www.facebook.com/LundenReign

Lunden Reign on Twitter ... https://twitter.com/LundenReign

Purchase Lunden Reign's critically acclaimed debut release entitled ... American Stranger at amazon.com

LUNDEN REIGN'S Debut Album 'American Stranger'

Featured, Guest, Kaayla Vedder November 1, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, November 01, 2016 03:00 pm

Guest, Kaayla Vedder

Guest Name: 
Kaayla Vedder
Kaayla Vedder
Guest Occupation: 
Intuitive energy heale
Guest Biography: 

Kaayla Vedder has spent more than two decades honing her skills as an intuitive energy healer so clients in Canada and around the world can live healthier lives free of density and full of joy. Able to see energy since childhood, Kaayla has developed a system for tapping in to the dance of divine energy, bridging the gap between humanity and our higher levels so people can release what no longer serves them.  The results are astounding.

To find out more about how Kaayla can help you move towards better health and live in the fluidity of divine grace, please visit her website.

Featured, Guest, Craig Campobasso November 1, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, November 01, 2016 06:00 pm

Guest, Craig Campobasso

Guest Name: 
Craig Campobasso
Craig Campobasso
Guest Occupation: 
Spiritual Channel, Author of "I Am Thyron," Casting Director, Film Producer
Guest Biography: 

Emmy nominated casting director Craig Campobasso is writing, producing directing his Short Film Stranger at the Pentagon based on the popular UFO book about Created Being Valiant Thor (from Venus) who lived at the Pentagon under the Eisenhower Administration. This film is in post production.

His first book The Autobiography of an ExtraTerrestrial Saga: I AM Thyron is about the star seed program currently underway on Earth from Melchizedek.

It was at age 26, when Craig had a spiritual awakening with Master Teachers (including Melchizedek, the Universe’s University of 490 planets in an outer space city) and he began receiving communications from other dimensions. His ‘universally awake’ training is still active now, 27 years after initial contact.

Join Star Gate Round Table as this fascinating story/interview unfolds. There will be an opportunity to call in and ask your questions.

Featured, Guest, Dr Bruno Cignacco November 2, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, November 02, 2016 05:00 pm

Guest, Dr Bruno Cignacco

Guest Name: 
Dr Bruno Cignacco
Dr Bruno Cignacco to speak on abundance and healing.
Guest Occupation: 
author, professor, business consultant
Guest Biography: 

Dr. Bruno Roque Cignacco (PhD) studied metaphysics for more than 17 years. He is a very well known author, Master Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. He is author of the book “How to Manifest Money Effortlessly. Techniques to be more prosperous” (Zero Books – John Hunt Publishing 2013). This book has been published in several languages, including Italian and Korean.

He is also the author of “How to Become a Miracle-maker with Your Life. Simple Steps to Use the Almighty Ancient Technique of Ho’ oponopono” (Zero Books – John Hunt Publishing, 2015) and several business books. He is an international speaker, university professor and business consultant and has delivered countless talks, seminars and conferences in several countries.

Featured, Guest, Norma Hashim November 8, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, November 08, 2016 06:00 pm

Guest, Norma Hashim

Guest Name: 
Norma Hashim
Norma Hashim
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 
Norma Hashim is an activist with positions of Vice President at International Union of Braille Quran Services, and Treasurer at Viva Palestina Malaysia.  She has edited 2 books dealing with Palestinian prisoners The Prisoners' Diaries: Palestinian Voices from the Israeli Gulag and Dreaming of Freedom: Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak.

The Prisoners' Diaries Edited by Norma Hashim

The Prisoners' Diaries
Publisher: Islamic Human Rights Commission
Published Date : 26 May 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1903718926

The Prisoners’ Diaries provides a series of first-person commentaries on what Palestinian prisoners have been enduring for decades in the dark recesses of Israel’s unlawful and inhumane network of prisons. This book combines the witnessing by prisoners with just enough information about the magnitude of the Israeli prison system to give readers a true understanding of this most agonizing dimension of the Palestinian ordeal.

" This book is so valuable as it combines the witnessing by prisoners with just enough information about the magnitude of the Israeli prison system to give readers a true understanding of this most agonizing dimension of the Palestinian ordeal.”

− Richard Falk, Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton University and UN Special Rapporteur for occupied Palestinian Territories

“ I defy you to read these stories and not weep for Jews and Palestinians. Now dry your eyes and work for justice, peace and reconciliation.”

− Stephen Robert Sizer, Anglican vicar of Christ Church, Virginia Water, Surrey, England, writer, peace activist and freelance photographer

“ A humane, beautiful, valuable yet painful book. I ask all people of conscience to read it to learn more about the suffering of the Palestinian detainees in Israeli Occupation prisons.”

− Hana Shalabi, former hunger striker, Hasharon prison, Tel Aviv


Dreaming of Freedom Edited by Norma Hashim


  • Paperback: 184 pages
  • Publisher: Saba Islamic Media; 1st edition (2016)
  • ISBN-13: 978-9675068966

Foreword (Dreaming of Freedom: Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak)

What strikes me most directly after reading these moving statements by Palestinian child prisoners is the aura of state terror that pervades the lives of all Palestinians living under occupation. Horrifying as is the experience of these children, mainly mid-teenagers, the deeper horror is the degree to which the entire community of Palestinians is scarred for life by Israeli brutality. Of course, it is the stone throwing children that bear the brunt of the violence that is reported by the vivid statements compiled here, but their younger siblings and older parents and relatives that are also being scarred for life by the arrest and interrogation process developed by Israel that seems calculated to be as intimidating as possible.

Reading through such pages of torment, a pattern of abuse clearly emerges that exhibits Israel’s total disregard for international human rights and international humanitarian law as it applies to these young Palestinians, who are totally vulnerable to such oppressive tactics. Although international humanitarian law fails to focus with sufficient specificity on the vulnerability of children, there are some general measures of protection given in Articles 71-74 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which ensures that any civilian subject to occupation who is charged with criminal activity shall be informed in writing in a language that he or she understands, is assured the right to the assistance of a lawyer, and must be given the opportunity to present evidence in defense. It is no surprise, based on our knowledge of Israel’s apartheid administration of Palestinians living under occupation that none of these rights are recognized and respected. Indeed, the daily reality of life for Palestinians of all ages is one of rightlessness and unconditional vulnerability.

Despite the generality of abuse to which Palestinians of all ages are subjected to throughout their entire life, it is important to take account of the particular forms of experience that are the tragic destiny of Palestinian children, realities that begin from the earliest stages of childhood. What these reports convey as a result of their overlapping accounts narrated with a concreteness that makes the reader confident about the credibility of the stories being told. This credibility is further reinforced by the consistent reports of respected Palestinian and Israeli NGOs concerned with the protection of human rights of those being subjected to the rigors of Israeli criminal law enforcement. In other words, from everything we know, there is every reason to place trust in the accuracy of these first-person accounts, and given the careful method by which this material was assembled it is possible to construct an accurate portrayal of this pattern of lawless law.

Among the features of this pattern that particularly stand out, I would mention the practice of apprehending Palestinian youth accused of resistance activity in the middle of the night in the presence of the entire family including very young siblings. The accused youth is literally seized from his home and family without being informed of what he is alleged to have done, with parents being given no idea where he is being taken and for how long. Invariably, as well, the child being taken captive is painfully tied and blindfolded often in the presence of his family, thrown onto the floor of a military car, and generally badly beaten while being taken to an interrogation center or some preliminary holding area. The interrogation process is itself completely alienating and calculated to overcome even the most stubborn refusal of a teenage boy to cooperate with his jailors by acknowledging guilt.

It seems clear that the ‘crime’ that almost all of these Palestinian children are accused is throwing stones at vehicles that belong to Israeli security forces or settlers. There is no claim by the Israeli authorities that these stones caused any injury or even damage, but the allegations are treated as if involving the most serious imaginable crimes. As has been observed by progressive Israeli journalists and others, the throwing of stones should be principally understood as forms of symbolic violence expressive of the inherent right to resist unlawful and abusive occupation. What is more, such stone throwing is consistently met with excessive force by Israel that constitutes violence of a much more punitive and consequential nature, and seems inflicted with an intent to intimidate not only the immediate victim but Palestinian youth in general.

In the end, the tactics used by Israel are mostly successful in extracting confessions from the Palestinian children, seemingly regardless of whether the allegations are accurate or mistaken. What we take away from the ‘confessions’ reported in these statements is an utter inability to determine whether it is accurate or fake. As the prisoners are being threatened with continuous beatings, contrived reports that others have independently confirmed the accusations, prison ‘plants’ or ‘snitches’ who mislead the accused on behalf of the captors, and a variety of abusive practices, it is hardly surprising that the will of these children is eventually broken in almost all cases. In a manner that I encountered in apartheid South Africa maintaining innocence is usually punished worse than confessions, whether true of false, and thus there is no incentive whatsoever to hold out. What is even more dehumanizing, is the demand of Israeli officials that these Palestinian teenagers implicate their friends and neighbors. It is evident that several of narrations compiled here report great courage in holding out by refusing to confess, although in such a confined setting where the difference between guilt and innocence is obliterated the significance of such a sacrificial resolve of steadfastness is rarely appreciated or even known in the outside world.

Another striking feature of this arrest and interrogation experience is the punitive reliance by Israel on post-release punishment in the form of house arrest. Several of these young Palestinians declare that would prefer confinement in an Israel prison than enduring house arrest. At first, this preference is difficult to comprehend. On reflection, it becomes more understandable given the nature of life under occupation that allows so few opportunities for satisfaction, and house arrest is a tantalizing deprivation of the comraderie of friendship and neighborhood life.

These Palestinian children express a shared feeling of humiliation that seems to be even more painful for them than the beatings received. The word (izlaal in Arabic) recurs repeatedly in these narratives, and I think testifies to the dehumanizing effects caused by feelings of helplessness and futility, which Israel seeks to induce so as to give rise to an atmosphere among Palestinians of resignation, if not spiritual surrender. A similar approach is evident in relation to house demolitions that are justified in the name of security, but are carried out for the sake of collective punishment and intimidation. Jeff Halper, a respected Israeli critic of the practice estimates that less than 1% of all house demolitions have a genuine security justification.

There are several conclusions that emerge from this deeply moving collection of separate but interconnected witnessing by these Palestinian children. First of all, the urgent need for a distinct international treaty devoted to the situation of children living under conditions of prolonged occupation. Realizing that Israeli occupation has lasted almost half a century with no end in sight, it is intolerable from the perspective of human dignity and human rights, to fail to offer much more concrete protection, including procedures for redress of grievances. Secondly, we need studies of the longer term effects in terms of trauma of such arrest and interrogation experiences, as well as on the impact on families and communities not only of the dynamics of victimization, but also of the shared sense of hopelessness that is the inevitable byproduct of witnessing a brother or son dragged away by abusive soldiers in the middle of the night. And thirdly, we need widespread dissemination of these Israeli policies and practices, especially as carried out with the evident intent of immobilizing resistance to an unlawful occupation that has gone on far too long.

In this spirit, I commend a close reading of Dreaming of Freedom: Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak. With such knowledge solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and dignity becomes almost a psychological inevitability and an even more urgent moral imperative of our world than we previously realized.


Richard Falk


Please visit:  http://vpm.org.my/


vpm logo

The Prisoner Diaries Norma Hashim

Featured, Guest, Jesse Colin Young November 14, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, November 14, 2016 03:00 pm

Guest, Jesse Colin Young

Guest Name: 
Jesse Colin Young
'The Youngbloods' Legendary Singer and Songwriter Jesse Colin Young
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 





Jesse Colin Young, critically acclaimed solo artist and lead singer of the legendary classic rock band, The Youngbloods, took the nation by storm when The Youngblood's single Get Together became a worldwide Top 10 hit and a prominent soundtrack for peace. After seven group releases, Young began the production of more than 15 acclaimed solo albums including Song for Juli, Light Shine, Songbird and a live album with his great touring band titled On the Road. In 2005 he released the most comprehensive collection of his music to date—The Very Best of Jesse Colin Young. For the first-time ever, songs from his solo career as well as hits from The Youngbloods were placed in two CD package.

In 2014 Jesse became interested in the Saratoga warhorse project for Veterans and made a DVD in support of that organization called Out of the Darkness. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google and DVD on his website.

In 2012 Jesse was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease and was unable to tour. In that time he created the Couch Series with Labrador on YouTube. He performed a variety of songs new and old, solo acoustic or with friends, and always with his famous silver Lab, Django. It was a way to still reach his audience without traveling due to the complications of Lyme’s Disease.

Jesse's musical accomplishments are many, including performing with Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin in 1969, touring with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in the summer of 1974 and performing with Billy Joel, the Doobie Brothers and the Beach Boys. Jesse has also shared the stage with comics like Martin Mull. Other performances include going to the prisons of South Dakota and Minnesota to sing for American Indians rights with actor and musician Floyd Westerman.

As a member of the Youngbloods, in 1969 they were the only band to walk off the Johnny Carson show which was the definitive gateway to superstardom. The Story is worth a listen.

The Youngblood’s version of Get Together has been heard by millions from the Forrest Gump soundtrack in 1994, Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore, Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, The Simpsons Oh Brother where Bart thou and Tree of Horror II, and South Park’s Smug Alert. Get Together commercials include The Pepsi commercial for the 1995 Super Bowl, the Luv's commercial in 2010 and Kentucky Fried Chicken in 2014.

Darkness Darkness, written by Jesse, was in Jack the Bear (1993), was the theme song for the James Cameron movie Ghosts of the Abyss in 2003 and was in the trailer of TV series Bloodline (2015). A cover of the song by Robert Plant won the Grammy for Best Rock Vocal in 2002. It remains a popular cover song for many bands.

2016 and 2017 will be productive times for Jesse. Starting Sept 16, 2016 he will begin the re-release of his 1970’s LP catalogue starting with Song For Juli on Audio Fidelity. Jesse is currently working on a collection of new recordings to be released in 2017 and will plan a tour in the fall.

Throughout his professional life of recording and touring, Jesse has always taken the time to dedicate his life to giving back to the world. He has performed on behalf of organizations ranging from the Dream Foundation and Saratoga Warhorse, to Prep Fest and the Kona Pacific Waldorf School, now the Kona Pacific Charter School. Holding environmental accountability, Veteran support and quality education as a moral code of action, Jesse remains committed and active as an individual and performer.

Visit Jesse Colin Young’s official website for all the latest news and show dates at http://www.jessecolinyoung.com

Visit Jesse Colin Young on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jessecolinyoung

Visit Jesse Colin Young on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JesseColinYoung

Visit Jesse’s coffee page Jesse Colin Young’s Morning Sun Coffee at  http://www.jessecolinyoung.com/coffee.php

Visit Saratoga Warhorse at www.saratogawarhorse.com

Starring: Jesse Colin Young, Charles Yang, Peter Dugan Runtime: 1 hour, 5 minutes

Featured, Guest, Geno Munari, Guest, JP Sottile November 14, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, November 14, 2016 05:00 pm

Guest, Geno Munari

Guest Name: 
Geno Munari
Geno Munari
Guest Occupation: 
General Manager KIYQ-FM Las Vegas
Guest Biography: 

Geno Munari

Attended University of Las Vegas in Las Vegas. Adjunct Professor UNLV 1980-1984.

Non Restricted Gaming License Holder

I am a business owner of several businesses: Houdini's Magic Shops,
Houdini Publishing (with in-house printing equipment), Director of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic 501(3) © and licensee for KiYQ-LP, Munari Auctions, Inc.

I have been Vice President and Director of several Major Hotels in Las Vegas.

In my earlier years was a writer for a subsidiary of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

Presently I am the General Manger for KIYQ, and an avid researcher and on-air commentator.


ABOUT KIYQ 107.1-FM Las Vegas...

Music All Day - Talk All Night

Listen to all the great legendary performers who played Las Vegas; Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many more.  KiYQ puts you back in time.  You will think it is 1964, and you are sitting in the Casbar Lounge at the Sahara Hotel.​

Try us.  There is nothing like it!​

The music stream plays throughout the day and early evening and is the best music from the great performers of Las Vegas! Late at night will feature the best of the best in informative and interesting talk radio! The Mafia, UFOs, Conspiracy Theories and the stories about Las Vegas that have never been revealed.

kiyq 107.1 fm lasvegas

Guest, JP Sottile

Guest Name: 
JP Sottile
JP Sottile
Guest Occupation: 
Freelance Journalist, Radio Host, Documentary Filmmaker
Guest Biography: 

JP SOTTILE is a freelance journalist, published historian, radio co-host and documentary filmmaker. His credits include a stint on the NewsHour news desk, C-SPAN, and as a newsmagazine producer for ABC affiliate WJLA in Washington. Joseph “JP” Sottile is a two-time Washington Regional Emmy Award Winner. Documentary film credits include: writer, director, producer of The Warning and various production and photography credits on other public interest films. His weekly show, Inside the Headlines w/ The Newsvandal, co-hosted by James Moore, airs every Friday on KRUU-FM in Fairfield, Iowa. He is the Newsvandal.


Featured, Guest, Michael Parenti, Guest, JP Sottile November 14, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, November 14, 2016 05:00 pm

Guest, Michael Parenti

Guest Name: 
Michael Parenti
Michael Parenti
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 

Michael Parenti received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University. He has taught at a number of colleges and universities, in the United States and abroad. Some of his writings have been translated into Arabic, Azeri, Bangla, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

“this tough, hilarious, right-on mix of scholar and street.” KPFA-Pacifica, 1994

Michael Parenti was born and raised in an Italian-American working class family in New York City. After high school he worked for a number of years then returned to school, eventually earning a B.A. from City College of New York, an M.A. from Brown University, and a Ph.D. in political science from Yale University. His many books include The Face of Imperialism (2011); God and His Demons (2010); The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2003); and Democracy for the Few, 9th edition (2010). He recently published a warmly received "ethnic memoir" entitled Waiting for Yesterday: Pages from a Street Kid's Life.

Portions of his writings have been translated into some twenty languages. Books and articles of his have been used extensively in college courses and also by lay readers. Over 550 articles of his have appeared in scholarly journals, political periodicals, various magazines, newspapers, books of collected readings, and online publications.

He is the author of twenty-four books:

Dr. Parenti has lectured far and wide to enthusiastic audiences across North America and abroad. His various talks and interviews have played frequently on community radio stations, public access television, and the internet. He lectures on college campuses and before a wide range of community audiences, peace groups, labor organizations, scholarly conferences, and various other venues. His books are enjoyed by both lay readers and scholars, and have been used extensively in college courses. Among the many topics he treats are:

  • Theocracy and Other Religious Sins
  • Democracy and Economic Power
  • Imperialism and U.S. Interventionism
  • Empires, Past and Present
  • Political Perceptions and Deceptions
  • Ethnic-Class Experience
  • Terrorism and Globalization
  • Political Bias in the U.S. News Media
  • Ideology and History
  • Race, Gender, and Class
  • The Overthrow of Communism
  • Fascism: Past and Present

Dr. Parenti has won awards from various academic and community organizations, including Project Censored, the Caucus for a New Political Science, the city of Santa Cruz, New Jersey Peace Action, the Social Science Research Council, the Society for Religion in Higher Education, and other organizations. In 2007 he was awarded a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from U.S. Representative Barbara Lee. In 2014 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the American Book Award meeting, sponsored by the Before Columbus Foundation. Also in 2014, Dr. Parenti was given a Social Justice Award from the Berkeley Fellowship Unitarian Universalists.

During his earlier teaching career he received grants or fellowships from the Louis Rabinowitz Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Brown University, Yale University, State University of New York, and the University of Illinois. For several years he was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.

He now serves on the advisory boards of Independent Progressive Politics Network, Education Without Borders, and the Jasenovic Foundation; as well as the advisory editorial boards of New Political Science and Nature, Society and Thought. He also served for some 12 years as a judge for Project Censored.


In the last half-century we have witnessed a dramatic expansion of American corporate power into every corner of the world, accompanied by an equally awesome growth in U.S. military power. These phenomena are often treated as independent developments. Here, Michael Parenti brings them together in a sharp critique aimed as much at errant liberals and certain Marxists as at the dominant political actors who have perpetrated the imperial lie.

Parenti adds shocking new evidence to the litany of injustices visited upon victims of U.S. imperialism: expropriation of their communal wealth and natural resources, complete privatization and deregulation of their economies, loss of local markets, deterioration of their living standards, a growing debt burden, and the bloodstained suppression of their democratic movements.

Just as compelling is Parenti's convincing case that the empire feeds off the republic. He shows how the richly financed corporate-military complex is matched at home by increasing poverty, the defunding of state and local governments, drastic cutbacks in human services, decaying infrastructure, and impending ecological disaster.

In this brilliant new book, Michael Parenti redefines empire and imperialism to connect the current crisis in America to its own bad behavior worldwide.

The Face of Imperialism makes clear that:  

  • The purpose of the U.S. global empire is not the pursuit of power for power's sake but power to fashion the world into a corporate dominated global free-market. There is a politico-economic content behind the pursuit of imperial power.
  • U.S. foreign policy is neither inept nor misguided. Rather, it is largely successful in serving the interests of transnational corporate America. This process of global expropriation by the superrich —often involving the use of force and violence— is what is known as imperialism.
  • Third World poverty is not a product of "underdevelopment" but of overexploitation and maldevelopment.
  • The drastic development of climate change is not a thing of the next generation or end of the century. Catastrophic changes are happening now. For us to survive we must roll back the empire, develop sustainable energy, and rid ourselves of the profit pathology.
The Face of Imperialism by Michael Parenti

Guest, JP Sottile

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JP Sottile
JP Sottile
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Freelance Journalist, Radio Host, Documentary Filmmaker
Guest Biography: 

JP SOTTILE is a freelance journalist, published historian, radio co-host and documentary filmmaker. His credits include a stint on the NewsHour news desk, C-SPAN, and as a newsmagazine producer for ABC affiliate WJLA in Washington. Joseph “JP” Sottile is a two-time Washington Regional Emmy Award Winner. Documentary film credits include: writer, director, producer of The Warning and various production and photography credits on other public interest films. His weekly show, Inside the Headlines w/ The Newsvandal, co-hosted by James Moore, airs every Friday on KRUU-FM in Fairfield, Iowa. He is the Newsvandal.


Featured, Guest, Leuren Moret November 15, 2016

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 06:00 pm

Guest, Leuren Moret

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Leuren Moret
Leuren Moret
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My name is Leuren Moret, an internationally recognized Geoscientist and specialist on the environmental and biological effects of ionizing radiation.  In 1968, I was one of the first women to graduate from UC Davis with a B.S. in Geology.  At that time I was made aware of secret mind control experiments at the "monkey colony", by students working there.  Hidden away from the campus in a peach orchard on university property, horrific experiments were conducted on monkeys with the tops of their heads cut off and wires coming out of their brains, which were later described and photos published in the media by opponents of animal experimentation.  Many years later while doing research on the resulting mind control applications for HAARP, I discovered a photograph in a 1964 UC Davis newsletter, of Edward Teller (known as Dr. Strangelove) with New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller by his side, at the dedication ceremony for the new Applied Science Facility where the animal experiments were adapted for human applications and global HAARP transmissions.  The human experiments were conducted in a "safe house" under the MKULTRA program, in Livermore, California.

After graduating from UC Davis in 1968, I collaborated with famous Paleobotanist Dr. Daniel I. Axelrod for 16 years, conducting yearly Paleobotanical expeditions and investigations around the World.  That experience led to collaboration at the British Museum with Dr. Lewis Leakey, identifying paleobotanical specimens from East Africa and reconstructing hominid environments.  I also conducted research at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences at Cambridge University, for Dr. Christopher Jeans, son of the well known astronomer Sir James Jeans.

After living in Iran and traveling around Europe and the Middle East, I returned to UC Berkeley and graduated in 1978 with an M.A. in Near Eastern Studies and the equivalent of a Masters degree in Wildlife Studies.  After working at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab 1989-1991 as a geochemist on the WIPP and Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage projects, I became a Federal Whistleblower on nuclear weapons lab science fraud, graft, and corruption.

In the early 1990's I served as the President of the International Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG), while conducting PhD graduate work on the history of the earth's magnetic field in the Dept. of Earth Sciences, and received a UC President's Mentoring Fellowship as one of the 5 most promising student scientists on the campus. 

My research led to a chance meeting in 2000 with Marion Fulk, the Manhattan Project scientist who solved the difficult problems on the Hydrogen Bomb for the US Government, and made it work.  He became my mentor and greatest supporter over the next ten years as I built a global reputation as an expert witness and educator on the harmful effects of nuclear technologies to biological systems and the health of the environment.  With this research came a new and perhaps as important field of knowledge, the new global Weapon of Mass Destruction based on Tesla technology known as HAARP.  It was secretly co-developed by the U.S. and the Soviet Union at Livermore nuclear weapons lab and in Russia. 

After visiting 50 countries educating the public, media, Parliaments and Congress, and making 20 speaking tours in Japan from 2000-2010, I finally found the personal satisfaction and fulfillment that had been missing from my earlier career experiences.  Today in retrospect, I can think of no greater reward for my many years of effort and hard work in the sciences, than to be the messenger warning the Global Community about the horrific dangers of HAARP and nuclear technologies, and predicting the HAARP triggered Fukushima disaster in 2004 in the JAPAN TIMES: "Japan's Deadly Game of Nuclear Roulette."

Global Nuclear Coverup Leuren Moret