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Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, November 29, 2015

Sri and Kira

What happens after The Universe says hello?

So you've had a life changing spiritual experience . . .or several…now what? Often these experiences can leave us with more questions than answers and support is sometimes challenging to call forward.  Sri & Kira FOR THE FIRST TIME will share what happened in the 2870 yr old temple at Bet Dwarka, India and their own day to day challenges with integration of this experience and their life afterward.  Learn how to integrate your profound experiences with grace, ease and love!  All questions and personal sharing of your experiences are welcome.

Headlined, The People Speak, December 29, 2015

Eilish D'Avalon

Eilish D'Avalon, Journalist, Healer, Spiritualist joins Steve Johnson to discuss the New World Order.

Headlined, The People Speak, January 5, 2016

Gearóid Ó Colmáin - Paris based political analyst joins Steve Johnson to discuss the Paris attacks and what the mainstream media ISN'T telling people.

Blog Entry, DrVikke November 26, 2015

Gratitude: Thankfulness in Advance!
Thankfulness in advance

Headlined, Reach For It Radio Show, January 14, 2016

2016 a Year of Profound Changes with "Tolec". Tolec  joins Christina Winslow this week on Reach For It Radio Show, he will share with us information about what is coming and if this will be the breakthrough year!

Tolec is a human representative of the Andromeda Council, an intergalactic, interstellar and interdimensional governance & development body of aligned benevolent star systems & planets of sentient, intelligent life for worlds in both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. 

He has been given the name “Tolec”, as an Earth based, pubic persona work name by the five (5) people with whom he regularly communicates who are stationed on the primary Andromeda Council biosphere where many of its meetings are held.

Headlined, Quyns Empowerment Hour, November 28, 2015

Two men from different countries and ethnic backgrounds share the same passion – they strive to liberate men from the emotional turmoil of sexual traumas and break the shameful silence surrounding sexual abuse for men. Tune in to Quyn’s Empowerment Hour this Saturday Nov. 28 9PM Pacific for a very moving conversation with Perto Herrera, a survivor of sexual abuse himself, and Don Wright, Founder of B.C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

Blog Entry, Lori Peters November 24, 2015

Reducing Stress
How to Deal with Holiday Stress- Getting Rid of the Musts
How to Deal with Holiday Stress- Getting Rid of the Musts in Your Life Dealing with holiday stress is easy: just blow off most of your must do’s. I’m really not kidding! Let’s look at a list and see what we can do.

Headlined, Paradigm Shifters, November 24, 2015

My Near Life Experience: How Do I Know When I am Really Me

Veronica is a guest on Starseed Radio Academy talking about her new book "My Near Life Experience: How Do I Know When I am Really Me" available on Amazon . . . "a saga of awakening to one’s true nature among myriad weeds of reaction, this book is exciting, funny, heartbreaking, and real. Find yourself reveling in the rich conversations with Spirits that ease tension between loved ones on either side of the veil in the conscious flow of life."

Headlined, Universal Soul Love, November 24, 2015

Yan Golding

Det David love speaks with inspirational speaker Yan Golding about the mission of United Earth and the upcoming Com21 conference. 

Headlined, Living Your Souls Journey, November 22, 2015

Tonight on Living Your Souls Journey with Dr. Vikke

Learning to Trust not worry...... Join Dr. Vikke for a live show on how to trust life, trust yourself and know when to relax and let the universe bring in the joy!!!!!!

Headlined, John Barbours World, November 30, 2015

Harlan Ellison

HOST: John Barbour
AIRDATE: 11/30/15 Monday 5-6pm Pacific/7-8pm Central/8-9pm ET
GUESTS: Harlan Ellison and JP Sottile
INFO:  Harlan Ellison, legendary writer, joins John during the first half of the show, and regular JP Sottile for the 2nd half with his news and commentary.
MORE INFO ( listening options, comments, guest suggestions, etc.):

Headlined, The People Speak, November 24, 2015

John Barbour The Last Word on the Garrison Tapes

JOHN BARBOUR Legendary TV host/creator of the Real People TV show will speak about his new documentary 'The Last Word on the Garrison Tapes' with host Sophia Rae.

Headlined, Shadow Politics, November 22, 2015

Godfrey Harris

On November 13, 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks consisting of random mass shootings and suicide bombings occurred in Paris, France.  Our guest, Godfrey Harris will be speaking about the tragedy in France and what's unfolding in the aftermath.

Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, November 22, 2015

Sri and Kira

Magic Stones . . . really?
Our mind invites images of fantastic stories when we hear the word magic and skepticism is our first response to many of these tales.  During their recent pilgrimage to India, Sri  & Kira “accidentally” were connected with AUTHENTIC and RARE Shaligrams and have much to share about their first hand experience and the ancient lore around these “incarnations of Vishnu as the Universal principle”. Fascinating and uniquely Sri & Kira discover why these energies are revealing themselves on the planet now.

Blog Entry, Peter Kelly November 22, 2015

Peter The Healer Heals Live On Radio
Peter The Healer Heals Live On Radio
Peter the Healer offers a positive alternative to all the negative talk and news stories in the media today. Instead he provides a forum for listeners to participate in his healings. This is not magic or faith healing, but actual holistic therapeutic healing methods that Peter has developed over 25 years of helping people who suffer problems related to Mind, Body and Spirit. The world needs serious healing and Peter the Healer wants you to know that his mission is to take up that challenge one show at a time, one person at a time, one victory at a time.

Blog Entry, DrVikke November 22, 2015

Living YOUR Souls' Journey
Learning to trust and not worry

Headlined, The People Speak, December 15, 2015

Ernie Gallo, former USS Liberty Veteran Survivor and past president of the USS Liberty Veteran Survivors Association joins us again to discuss his organizations continuing quest to have the truth known about the attack upon their vessel by Israel on June 8, 1967

Headlined, The People Speak, December 22, 2015

Max Igan

Max Igan once again joins Steve Johnson to discuss the recent assault upon him in Australia during a pro-Palestinian event where he was a speaker.

Headlined, TDAC Solutions, November 21, 2015

Telehealth, PTSD,Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Counselors, Virtual Doctors, Telemedicine


MICHELE MARIE- HOST OF TDAC SOULTIONS, is a Telehealth Benefits Expert on today's show we are breaking open the who, what, where, when and why, a telehealth benefit plan will protect every family in America, and bring the doctor/patient "house call" back. The waiting Room has been reinvented, with telehealth, Anywhere, Anytime, Access, allows for 24/7/365 Peace of mind. No more excuses, to not take your power back and take control of your healthcare options. Telehealth is the answer.

Watch this extraordinary video by Dr. Jason Wasfy,

Headlined, ET First Contact Radio, November 21, 2015

Highly respected guest Arjen Schikkema from The Netherlands will share vital information about The Event related to Timeline Crash and how this is related to Metaphysical background information he will share. Tune in! 

BBS Radio

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Upcoming Featured Guests

Featured, Guest, Don Wright, November 28, 2015

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, November 28, 2015 09:00 pm

Guest, Don Wright

Guest Name: 
Don Wright
Don Wright
Guest Occupation: 
Founder and Executive Director of B.C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Guest Biography: 

Don Wright, who holds a Master's of Education in Counselling Psychology, is the Founder and Executive Director of B. C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. This is the first agency in Canada mandated to provide recovery options for males who were victims of childhood sexual abuse, recent sexual assault or domestic violence. 

Over the years, Don has acted as a mentor and guide to the other new organizations across Canada that have subsequently been established.  Also, a former student, then staff therapist, moved to Japan, his home country, to establish the first agency in that country for male survivors.  Don has provided consultation to similar organizations in Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia.  He has also provided consultation to the Provincial and Federal governments regarding victims' issues. 

In addition to his administrative duties, Don supervises practicum students who have come to BCSMSSA from universities in eight countries.  Don is also responsible for providing all of the agency's conference and training seminars across Canada and the US. 

He also maintains a case load of individual and group therapy clients.  In his words “This is what the agency is all about and I don't want to lose sight of that”.

In 2001, the B. C. Human Rights commission awarded Don the B.C. Human Right Medal of Honour for his pioneering work in this field.

Featured, Guest, Perto Herrera, November 28, 2015

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, November 28, 2015 09:00 pm

Guest, Perto Herrera

Guest Name: 
Perto Herrera
Perto Herrera
Guest Occupation: 
Author, Human Rights Activist, Speaker, Radio host, Humanitarian, Sexual Abuse Survivor, Civil War Survivor
Guest Biography: 

…After miraculously surviving the most horrid-unimaginable- unenviable sexual abuse as a boy…

A native of Chalatenango, El Salvador, Perto left his village as a refugee and escaped to Guatemala and Mexico. Perto is now living in Houston, Texas in the U.S.

Perto has since worked in different types of jobs, and has volunteered as a red cross blood processor and health and safety bilingual instructor. in 1997 perto organized his own company Ph homecare mgmt, llc. provided caregivers training, caregivers services, and care case management. After successfully managing his own company for 15 years, Perto Herrera became an author and continued his calling to help needy people, especially victims of sexual abuse and/or trapped in poverty......

Perto himself is a survivor of severe sexual molestation and abuse, as a young boy raised in a poverty-stricken family in a small village in El Salvador. The personal lessons learned had led the author to fulltime writing, speaking, and philanthropic efforts to help sexual abuse victims and individuals trapped in poverty......

Three to four times a year Herrera travels to meet face-to-face with sexual abuse victims, parents and family members of victims, and men who are abusers. In 2010 on an early trip to El Salvador, Perto actually met two of the men who sexually abused him as a boy, talked with them, hugged them, and forgave them. His message to victims is how to survive and escape from abuse through courage, faith, and concerted action. His message to parents is to believe their children and protect them, among anything and anybody......

Perto also has paid the costs to send six children to college to escape poverty and enter professions such as law, business and teaching. He has pledged to spend 75 percent of the proceeds from his books and conferences to help needy and/or abused persons. Perto’s personal story of abuse is told in his first book, “The Invincible Flying Eagle” … “El Aguila Invencible Volando” Book One. This painful and shocking memoir tells the story of how Perto was abused by 11 people (nine men and two women) over a period of five years until the day his saving grace – in the form of an eagle, attacked his most dangerous abuser. The eagle, Perto believes to be a messenger from God, guided him toward a safer place and a new chance at life...... I believed and understood the message and the messenger Perto says.

After escaping from his village as a pre-teen, Perto was captured by guerrilla forces and forced to serve as a child warrior in the rebel army. When refusing to use a rifle to kill anyone, Perto was punished several times but ended up being a radio operator for the commanding general. Lying to a priest about wanting to become a priest, Perto was able to escape the Army with the help of monks and lived in two convents in Central America before fleeing to Mexico and then to the United States......

Summing up his mission, Herrera says: “I want the needy ones and victims of abuse to know that they are not alone anymore. I am here for them as they strive toward the pinnacles of personal recovery.”......

Featured, Guest, Tommy James, November 30, 2015

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, November 30, 2015 03:00 pm

Guest, Tommy James

Guest Name: 
Tommy James
Legendary hit-maker and best-selling author TOMMY JAMES
Guest Category: 
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 

Our Very Special Guest Today is legendary Hit-maker Tommy James of The Shondells who has also written a bestselling book about his infamous and often intimidating association with Roulette Records and the “Godfather” of the music business Morris Levy.

After Tommy James and his family moved to Niles, Michigan he assembled what became a very popular local act called The Tornadoes. A local deejay asked the band to sign with his new label called Snap Records. One of the tunes recorded was a catchy rock and roll ditty written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich called “Hanky Panky.”

The song quickly became a local hit and then rapidly faded away into oblivion.

Two years later an improbable occurrence unfolded when “Hanky Panky” was discovered in a record bin by a nightclub deejay in Pittsburgh. He began playing the newly discovered 45 at weekend dances and the response was beyond overwhelming.  A local record distributer bootlegged it and sold 80,000 copies in just ten days. By May of 1966 “Hanky Panky” became a number one hit in Pittsburgh. Later a promoter hunted down Tommy in Niles, Michigan and urged him to come to Pittsburgh where he was already a huge sensation.

A young and impressionable Tommy James would soon be trying to sell “Hanky Panky” to the largest record companies in New York. With an original copy from Snap Records and a bootleg copy in hand the executives from all the major labels positioned themselves to sign the rock and roll Boy Wonder. Strangely the next morning Tommy received a phone call informing him that all those record companies that were so eager to sign him had decided to pass. A disconcerted James then received a call from Jerry Wexler of Atlantic records who informed Tommy that he received a call from Morris Levy president of Roulette Records. The message was made crystal clear to Wexler and all the other record execs.

Levy said, “This is my F’ing record! Leave it alone.” 

(Hanky Panky became number one on the charts in America and the biggest summer hit of 1966)

Thus began the infamous relationship between Tommy James, Roulette Records and music mogul/ gangster Morris Levy. After every crime family member connected to Roulette Records had passed away, Tommy James was compelled to profess his incredible story. So with help from author Martin Fitzpatrick, James confessed his story into a book called Me, the Mob, and the Music which became a Simon and Schuster Best Seller. 

Tommy James has sold over 100 million records and was awarded 23 gold singles plus nine gold and platinum albums. Some of his legendary hits include “Hanky Panky,”  “I Think We’re Alone Now,” “Mony Mony,” “Crimson and Clover,” “Crystal Blue Persuasion,” “Sweet Cherry Wine” and “Draggin’ The Line.”

During 1968-69 Tommy James and The Shondells sold more single records (45’s) than any artist in the world, including The Beatles.

It is my great pleasure to welcome legendary hit-maker and best-selling author TOMMY JAMES!

Me, the Mob, and the Music a Simon and Schuster Best Seller

Featured, Guest, Harlan Ellison, Guest, Joe Sottile, November 30, 2015

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, November 30, 2015 05:00 pm

Guest, Harlan Ellison

Guest Name: 
Harlan Ellison
Harlan Ellison
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 

HARLAN ELLISON has been called “one of the great living American short story writers” by the Washington Post; and the Los Angeles Times said, “It’s long past time for Harlan Ellison to be awarded the title: 20th Century Lewis Carroll.”

In a career spanning more than 40 years, he has won more awards for the 75 books he has written or edited, the more than 1700 stories, essays, articles, and newspaper columns, the two dozen teleplays and a dozen motion pictures he has created, than any other living fantasist.  He has won the Hugo award 8½ times, the Nebula award three times, the Bram Stoker award, presented by the Horror Writers Association, six times (including The Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996), the Edgar Allan Poe award of the Mystery Writers of America twice, the Georges Méliès fantasy film award twice, two Audie Awards (for the best in audio recordings), and was awarded the Silver Pen for Journalism by P.E.N., the international writer’s union (this prestigious accolade was presented for his columns in the L.A. Weekly, titled “An Edge in My Voice,” in defense of the First Amendment).  After writing the columns for only 29 weeks, he beat out candidates from the L.A. Times, the N.Y. Times, and the Washington Post.  He was presented with the first Living Legend award by the International Horror Critics at the 1995 World Horror Convention.  He is also the only author in Hollywood ever to win the Writers Guild of America award for Most Outstanding teleplay (solo work) four times, most recently for “Paladin of the Lost Hour” his Twilight Zone episode that was Danny Kaye’s final role, in 1987.  In March (1998), the National Women’s Committee of Brandeis University honored him with their 1998 Words, Wit & Wisdom award.

He has drawn attention to the art of writing by performing the remarkable feat of actually creating and writing and completing stories in the windows of bookstores (in Paris, London, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans and elsewhere) in full view of large audiences; stories that have gone on to win major awards and literary prizes.  To gain background for his first novel, dealing with juvenile delinquency, he went under an assumed name and ran with a kid gang in Brooklyn’s dangerous Red Hook section for ten weeks.  He has covered and written about civil rights marches, riots, antiwar demonstrations and other scenes of civil unrest.  His two books of TV essays, THE GLASS TEAT and THE OTHER GLASS TEAT, have sold millions of copies and are currently being taught in media classes in more than 200 American Universities.

Ellison has traveled with rock groups such as The Rolling Stones, and his novel of the scene, SPIDER KISS, is called by music critic Greil Marcus “…the finest novel about the world of rock in the past quarter century.”

In a 1980 landmark lawsuit he sued and beat ABC-TV and Paramount Pictures for $337,000 when they plagiarized a television series he had created.  This was the famous Brillo/Future Cop case.

Among his most recognized works, translated into more than 40 languages and selling in the millions of copies, are DEATHBIRD STORIES, STRANGE WINE, APPROACHING OBLIVION, I HAVE NO MOUTH & I MUST SCREAM, WEB OF THE CITY, LOVE AIN’T NOTHING BUT SEX MISSPELLED, ELLISON WONDERLAND, MEMOS FROM PURGATORY, ALL THE LIES THAT ARE MY LIFE, SHATTERDAY, and STALKING THE NIGHTMARE; and as creative intelligence and editor of the all-time bestselling DANGEROUS VISIONS anthologies and MEDEA: HARLAN’S WORLD, he has been awarded two Special Hugos and the prestigious Milford Award for lifetime Achievement in Editing.

His latest publications include: THE ESSENTIAL ELLISON (Nemo Press, 1987; Morpheus International, 1991), an enormous 1,000+ page, thirty-five year retrospective of his work (this year, THE ESSENTIAL ELLISON has been expanded to reflect a fifty-year career in writing); ANGRY CANDY (Houghton Mifflin, 1988), winner of the 1989 World fantasy award for best Short Story Collection and listed in the ENCYCLOPEDIA AMERICANA ANNUAL as one of the major works of American Literature for 1988; HARLAN ELLISON’S WATCHING (Underwood–Miller, 1988) a compilation of 20 years of film criticism; THE HARLAN ELLISON HORNBOOK (Penzler Books & Mirage Press, 1990); HARLAN ELLISON’S MOVIE (Mirage Press, 1990); DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH (Book-of-the-Month Club, 1991); MEFISTO IN ONYX (Mark V. Ziesing, 1993); MIND FIELDS (Morpheus, 1994) with Polish artist Jacek Yerka; I, ROBOT: THE ILLUSTRATED SCREENPLAY (based on Isaac Asimov’s story-cycle; Warner Books, 1994); THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER screenplay (Borderlands Press, 1995, and White Wolf, 1996); SLIPPAGE (Mark V. Ziesing, Houghton Mifflin, 1997); and the coffee table edition of “REPENT, HARLEQUIN!” SAID THE TICKTOCKMAN (Underwood Books, 1997) with paintings, rendered by Rick Berry.

May (1996) saw the publication, by White Wolf Publishing, of EDGEWORKS: The Collected Ellison (Vol. #1).  This first of a series of 20 volumes of the collected fiction, essays, teleplays and columns contains the books AN EDGE IN MY VOICE and OVER THE EDGE, with completely revised, updated and expanded manuscripts…the variorum texts!  November (1996) saw the publication of the second EDGEWORKS omnibus, containing the books SPIDER KISS and STALKING THE NIGHTMARE.  In rapid succession White Wolf Publishing also released volumes 3 and 4 of the EDGEWORKS series.

Ellison served as Creative Consultant on the revival of the CBS-TV series The Twilight Zone until late November of 1985, at which time he resigned (to considerable media attention) due to network censorship of a script dealing with racism that he had written and was in the process of directing.  From 1993 until 1998 and the end of the series, Ellison also served as Conceptual Consultant on the popular syndicated hit series Babylon 5.  Recently, Ellison adapted his short story “The Face of Helene Bournouw” for a Showtime cable series. 

“The Human Operators” (based on a short story co-written with A.E. van Vogt), aired early in 1999 as part of the Outer Limits series.

Also a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Ellison has voiceover credits on many shows including Pirates of Darkwater, Mother Goose & Grimm, Space Cases, Phantom 2040, The Sci-Fi Channel and Babylon 5 (in the episode titled “Ceremonies of Light and Dark” Harlan plays the Voice of the B5 computer, and in the episode “Day of the Dead” you can hear him as “Zooty”).  Ellison’s first TV appearance as a fictional character was also on Babylon 5 in the episode “The Face of the Enemy.”  He played a Psi-Cop opposite Walter Koenig as “Bester.”  His latest acting role was as the mysterious “Grifter” in the series Psi Factor.  Mr. Ellison has also done many Spoken Word recordings (most recently for Audio Literature’s series of recordings; including Mr. Ellison’s short story collection MIDNIGHT IN THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL) and has received Grammy nominations for his recordings.  For six years, he was the weekly commentator on The USA Network’s Sci-Fi Buzz show.  He continued in the role of weekly commentator for Galaxy Online with his on-screen series Working Without A Net®.

On 30 April 1999, Mr. Ellison won two Audie Awards (presented by the Audio Publishers Association to honor the best in audio recordings) in the categories of Solo Narration, Male, for reading Ben Bova’s CITY OF DARKNESS (published by Dove Audio) and Multi-Voiced Presentation, as part of an all-star cast reading THE TITANIC DISASTER HEARINGS: THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF THE 1912 SENATORIAL INVESTIGATION by Tom Kuntz (published by Dove Audio). 

Ellison won a Bram Stoker award for his collection of stories THE VOICE FROM THE EDGE (Volume 1).  A follow-up collection titled, MIDNIGHT IN THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL, is currently available.  

Mr. Ellison worked as a consultant and host for the radio series 2000X, a series of 26 one-hour dramatized radio adaptations of famous SF stories for The Hollywood Theater of the Ear.  The series was broadcast on National Public Radio (NPR) in 2000 & 2001.  Ellison’s classic story “Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman” was included as part of this significant series, starring Robin Williams, with the author in the role of Narrator. Harlan Ellison was awarded the Ray Bradbury Award For Drama Series: For Program Host & Creative Consultant: NPR Presentation of 2000X. 

Harlan Ellison can be heard as the voice of the insane god-computer AM in the CD-ROM computer game, the bestselling I HAVE NO MOUTH, AND I MUST SCREAM.  Though Mr. Ellison doesn’t even own a computer, he has amazed the world of electronic entertainment by creating and implementing a cutting edge “ethical scenario” that one reviewer lauded as “…a game that challenges both intelligence and wisdom, and in this longtime gameplayer’s experience, it stands practically alone in the gaming landscape.” Ellison reprised his role as the voice of the evil computer AM in the broadcast adaptation of I HAVE NO MOUTH, AND I MUST SCREAM for the BBC radio series Chillers.

In 1990, Ellison was honored by P.E.N. for his continuing commitment to artistic freedom and the battle against censorship.  He lives with his wife, Susan, inside the Lost Aztec Temple of Mars, in Los Angeles.

Harlan Ellison’s 1992 novelette “The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore” was selected from more than 6,000 short stories published in the U.S. for inclusion in the 1993 edition of THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES.

After three years in production, January 1995 saw the debut of Ellison’s own ongoing, monthly comic book from Dark Horse called HARLAN ELLISON’S DREAM CORRIDOR.  In its first year of publication the graphic narrative magazine garnered such overwhelming and unanimous rave reviews—and the original stories Ellison wrote for each issue won so many awards—that in August of 1996 the magazine was re-launched in book-style format, with more pages, as HARLAN ELLISON’S DREAM CORRIDOR QUARTERLY.

“Chatting with Anubis,” an original short story written especially for HARLAN ELLISON’S DREAM CORRIDOR #4, won The Deathrealm Award for The Best Short Fiction of 1995 and the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction which was given out by The Horror Writers Association in June 1996.  At the same awards ceremony, Harlan Ellison was also given The Lifetime Achievement Award.  His latest collection, SLIPPAGE, won the 1998 Locus Poll Award as Best Story Collection.

On 22 June 1998, Ellison’s career reached a dizzying summit when he became the answer to a clue in the Double Jeopardy round of that evening’s broadcast of the television game show, Jeopardy.

He is a frequent guest on ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. 

In January 2001, Mr. Ellison signed to develop his award-winning Outer Limits script, DEMON WITH A GLASS HAND, for Miramax’s Dimension Films as a theatrical feature.  He is working with director David Twohy whose previous credits include: THE ARRIVAL, PITCH BLACK, G.I. JANE, and THE FUGITIVE.  Other Ellison works currently in the pipeline for film and TV include: “Along the Scenic Route,” optioned by Paramount Pictures.

Mr. Ellison’s first Young Adult collection, TROUBLEMAKERS: STORIES BY HARLAN ELLISON, was released in November 2001.

And as Tom Snyder said on the CBS Late, Late Show: “An amazing talent; meeting him is an incredible experience.” 

Harlan Ellison

Guest, JP Sottile

Guest Name: 
JP Sottile
JP Sottile
Guest Occupation: 
Freelance Journalist, Radio Host, Documentary Filmmaker
Guest Biography: 

JP SOTTILE is a freelance journalist, published historian, radio co-host and documentary filmmaker. His credits include a stint on the NewsHour news desk, C-SPAN, and as a newsmagazine producer for ABC affiliate WJLA in Washington. Joseph “JP” Sottile is a two-time Washington Regional Emmy Award Winner. Documentary film credits include: writer, director, producer of The Warning and various production and photography credits on other public interest films. His weekly show, Inside the Headlines w/ The Newsvandal, co-hosted by James Moore, airs every Friday on KRUU-FM in Fairfield, Iowa. He is the Newsvandal.


Featured, Guest, Carole Larkin, December 1, 2015

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, December 01, 2015 05:00 pm

Guest, Carole Larkin

Guest Name: 
Carole Larkin
Carole Larkin MA, CMC, CAEd, DCP, QDCS, EICS
Guest Occupation: 
Dementia Care Specialist
Guest Biography: 

Carole Larkin  MA, CMC, CAEd, DCP, QDCS, EICS is an expert in Alzheimer’s and related dementias care. She has a Master’s of Applied Gerontology, is a Certified Alzheimer’s Educator, is a Dementia Care Practitioner, is a Qualified Dementia Care Specialist, and an Excellence in Care Specialist with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America,. She is a Certified Geriatric Care Manager who specializes in helping families with Alzheimer’s and related dementias issues. She consults with families in person in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and via telephone on a nationwide basis with caregivers concerning issues with their loved ones who have one of the dementias. Her company, ThirdAge Services LLC, is located in Dallas, TX, and her website containing contact information is

 She also is a consultant for “Humanitude”, the culture changing methodology of care of persons with dementia in all types of institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and memory care communities. It’s been said that America is 10 years behind Europe in providing excellent care for persons with a dementia. Carole is now bringing that European methodology of care to America.

Featured, Guest, Alison Weir, December 1, 2015

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, December 01, 2015 06:00 pm

Guest, Alison Weir

Guest Name: 
Alison Weir
Alison Weir
Guest Occupation: 
Journalist/Director If Americans Knew
Guest Biography: 

Journalist Alison Weir is the executive director of "If Americans Knew," a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Americans with information on topics of importance that are misreported or under-reported in the American media. She is also on the board of directors
of the Council for the National Interest.

In February and March of 2001 Alison left her position as editor of MarinScope newspaper in Sausalito, California, to travel independently as a freelance reporter throughout Gaza  and the West Bank. Upon her return she founded If Americans Knew. She continues to research the issue intensively, her library on the issue now includes over 100 books, and she recently returned from three months traveling through the West Bank, Israel, and the Golan Heights.

In March of 2004, Weir was inducted into honorary membership of Phi Alpha Literary Society, founded in 1845 at Illinois College. The award cited her as a: "Courageous journalist-lecturer on behalf of human rights. The first woman to receive an honorary membership in Phi Alpha history."

ABOUT 'Against Our Better Judgement: The Hidden History of How the U.S. was used to Create Israel by Alison Weir...

"Prodigiously documented... Alison Weir must be highly commended for throwing such a brilliantly hard light on the relationship between the United States and Israel. I hope this marvelous book gets all the attention it deserves." - Ambassador Andrew Killgore, Publisher, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

 Soon after WWII, US statesman Dean Acheson warned that creating Israel on land already inhabited by Palestinians would "imperil" both American and all Western interests in the region. Despite warnings such as this one, President Truman supported establishing a Jewish state on land primarily inhabited by Muslims and Christians.

Few Americans today are aware that US support enabled the creation of modern Israel. Even fewer know that US politicians pushed this policy over the forceful objections of top diplomatic and military experts.

As this work demonstrates, these politicians were bombarded by a massive pro-Israel lobbying effort that ranged from well-funded and very public Zionist organizations to an "elitist secret society" whose members included Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

AGAINST OUR BETTER JUDGMENT brings together meticulously sourced evidence to illuminate a reality that differs starkly from the prevailing narrative. It provides a clear view of the history that is key to understanding one of the most critically important political issues of our day.

Against Our Better Judgement

Featured, Guest, Kim Langley, December 2, 2015

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Wednesday, December 02, 2015 05:00 pm

Guest, Kim Langley

Guest Name: 
Kim Langley
Guest Occupation: 
Speaker, Trainer, Coach
Guest Biography: 

Kim’s Personal Mission Statement:
To be of service to the world, delivering exceptional workshops that enable personal and professional growth, enhance authentic interpersonal and self-reflection skills, and make people want to live life to the fullest!

Kim Langley is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about spiritual and creative educational programs, as well as emotional intelligence, optimism training, leadership development workshops, stress management training, and communication skills training. Kim also works with many corporate clients to sharpen the skills and increase the performance of employees. Kim Langley is an experienced professional trainer and coach conducting 100+ workshops annually for corporations, professional groups, and associations.

Kim is a certified Spiritual Director with a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. She loves her work and is the President of LifeBalance Enterprises, Inc. with 20+ years experience as a retreat leader and speaker. She is adjunct faculty at Notre Dame College, teaching masters level courses in Education. Clients have included churches, teachers, nurses and hundreds of foster parents, as well as The Cleveland Indians, Medical Mutual, Swagelok,, and the Cleveland Clinic.

Kim is a sought-after speaker, delivering 100+ programs annually. She is a certified pastoral minister in the Diocese of Cleveland, a former DRE, and Family Minister, and is DDI certified.

Featured, Guest, Christina Winslow, December 3, 2015

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Thursday, December 03, 2015 11:00 am

Guest, Christina Winslow

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Christina Winslow
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Publisher, Author, Speaker
Guest Biography: 

Christina brings training and support through her consulting, writing, classes, and her live radio show.  She brings more than 20 years of experience in alternative health, publishing, and corporate sales management. 

Christina offers her clients and listeners a unique perspective of the wellness industry from her vast experience as an Alternative Health Business Consultant, Marketing Professional, and Teacher. She has worked with international organizations specializing in wellness products and services as well as the small business .

In addition to her alternative health business experience; Christina holds a BA in Journalism/Mass Communications from UNC which led her to create Big Country Publishing, an international multi-media publisher of print books, audio, video and electronic products. This company is a traditional publisher who offers a new energy to the publishing industry.
Through combining her experience with marketing and her knowledge of publishing, Christina offers a unique skill set to her clients and authors. She understands how to custom tailor their unique business offerings through her consulting creating a valuable branding and product development plan for their business.

Christina has learned how to successfully merge her vast experience in the alternative health field with her top performance track record in the corporate world. As an owner of several small businesses and recognized nationally as a multi-million dollar top sales producer in the high tech industry; Christina offers a fresh approach to the new era of business. To Connect with Christina, please visit: or

Featured, Guest, Chris Flisher, December 8, 2015

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Tuesday, December 08, 2015 06:00 pm

Guest, Chris Flisher

Guest Name: 
Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 

CHRIS FLISHER is a nationally recognized astrologer, and is an accomplished artist, teacher, speaker, writer, and radio host. In an effort to fuse his skills together, Chris also draws on his deep knowledge of astrology to create individual soul maps as well as healing mandalas. Astrology provides direct insight into the characteristics of the person, while the spiritual art of the mandala reflects the tangible experience of the healing soul. Using these time-tested tools Chris is able to guide people towards fulfilling their true purpose. Here are some recent Testimonials from clients.

Chris sees astrology and the mandala as complementary tools, which together bring about greater understanding of the Self and provide guidance and optimism for challenging and changing times. His desire to share this unique approach led him to launch “Turning of the Wheel” in September of 2007, an online radio show discussing art, astrology and spiritual adventure.

Chris is a long-standing member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and contributes a weekly astrology column for several news publications and produces weekly astrology videos that are also available each week via YouTube. Chris has been a weekly contributing radio host of Turning Of The Wheel which is celebrating its seventh year of continuous broadcasting. He is always available for private astrology consultations.

An artist for our times, Chris’ work is regularly shown in galleries, cafes, and public art events in and around New England. He was selected by the U.S. Department of State, Arts In Embassies program to represent the United States in the embassy in Praia, Cape Verde where his artwork is on loan through 2015. He traveled to Cape Verde as a guest of the US ambassador in the summer of 2013 to host workshops for three orphanges in Cape Verde. He also participated in an international symposium on the mandala in Rome and exhibited in the highly-acclaimed Pool Art Fair in New York City. He also creates custom-commissioned art based on the unique characteristics of the birth chart, which are one-of-a-kind reflections of an individual's uniqueness.

Additionally, his art has been licensed by publishers, art skins, puzzles and more. Chris also teaches classes and workshops, and is available for speaking engagements, radio interviews, and live astrology readings.

Chris is an avid music writer and published poet. Chris was formerly the co-host of two nationally-syndicated radio talk shows, both of which focused on alternative methods for facing the challenges of life, love, and evolving. He is currently on the docent staff at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum and a regular contributor to numerous community adult education programs where he teaches both astrology and the art of the mandala.

Mandalas Spirit In Art

Featured, Guest, Anita Roberts, December 12, 2015

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Saturday, December 12, 2015 09:00 pm

Guest, Anita Roberts

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Anita Roberts
Anita Roberts
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Founder of Safeteens, Inspirational Speaker and Award-Winning Author
Guest Biography: 

"Hold your power. speak your truth. come from love." - Anita Roberts

Anita has been working in the field of violence prevention and women's empowerment since 1976.  She is the founder and guiding force behind SafeTeen’s internationally acclaimed Community Violence Prevention Programs. Chosen as a Canadian representative on Violence Against Women to the United Nations, Roberts is visionary, inspirational speaker, and award winning author. Her book, SafeTeen: Powerful Alternatives to Violence has been translated into Japanese and Chinese. Roberts has traveled to five continents to empower women, train educators and parents, and teach youth to hold their power, speak their truth and come from love.

Anita Roberts is a dynamic speaker who brings personal narrative, an engaging sense of humour and a passionate presence to her work.

Anita Robert’s TEDxTalk:;search%3Atag%3A%22TEDxIsfeld%22

SafeTeen YouTube site:
SafeTeen website: