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Station 2 - Monday

Station 2 - Tuesday

3:00 pm 4:55 pm Weekly Galactic Connection Alexandra Meadors
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly Paranormal Investigator Radio Dr David DeProspero, Peter Leonard, Rich Nikodem, Steve Roscoe
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Peace Brain Show Dr Gail Lash
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Weekly The People Speak Many Hosts
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly New Realities Alan Steinfeld

Station 2 - Wednesday

11:00 am 11:55 am Bi-Weekly Wish Upon A Star Anndell Banks
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Weekly You got questions We got answers Wynn Free
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly The Cosmic Code Dr Louis Turi
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Tazz and Paula Show Paula Nunes, Tazz Powers

Station 2 - Thursday

Station 2 - Friday

5:00 pm 5:55 pm Weekly Provocative Enlightenment Dr Eldon Taylor
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Weekly Hard News on Friday koran999
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly Creation Lightship Healings Ron Amitron
8:00 pm 10:55 pm Weekly Hard News on Friday koran999

Station 2 - Saturday

12:00 pm 1:30 pm Weekly ET First Contact Radio Maarten Horst
1:30 pm 6:55 pm Weekly The True History koran999
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly Creation Lightship Healings Ron Amitron
8:00 pm 10:55 pm Weekly The True History koran999

Station 2 - Sunday

9:00 pm 9:55 pm Weekly The Military Exchange Talk Show Corporal Timothy Thornton
1:00 pm 1:55 pm Weekly Vibrational UPgrade Dr Alison Kay
2:00 pm 2:55 pm biweekly Social Work Today Shirley Tabb
3:00 pm 3:55 pm Weekly Piercing The Veil Jordan-Michael
4:00 pm 4:55 pm Weekly Living Your Souls Journey DrVikke
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Weekly Life With The Girlfriends Christine Marie Peters, Julie Peters
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly Akashic Wisdom Dahna Fox
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly Chat with Dr Black Dr La Theia Black

Headlined, Social Work Today, February 7, 2016

Pat Wowk

Over-Qualified and over 50! We will discuss the state of unemployment for the 'graying generation' of Baby Boomers over the age of 50.  This generation, the largest demographic in the country, is now reaching their 50's and 60's - an age where they need to work, but cannot retire.  As companies focus on recruiting Millennials, times are tough for those over 50 and particularly difficult for women over 50. 

Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, February 7, 2016

Creating Miracles: Is a heart-centered world possible?

Blog Entry, Detective David Love February 6, 2016

Universal Soul Love Quotes - Don't allow your happiness to fall victim . . .
Universal Soul Love Quotes - Don't allow your happiness to fall victim . . .
Universal Soul Love Quotes - Don't allow your happiness to fall victim . . .

Blog Entry, Detective David Love February 6, 2016

Universal Soul Love Quote - May the "god of your heart" guide your journey
Universal Soul Love Quote - May the "god of your heart" guide your journey
Universal Soul Love Quote - May the "god of your heart" guide your journey

Blog Entry, Detective David Love February 6, 2016

Universal Soul Love Quote: If you tell people something about yourself . . .
Universal Soul Love Quote: If you tell people something about yourself . . .
Universal Soul Love Quote: Don't allow your happiness to fall victim . . .

Blog Entry, Detective David Love February 6, 2016

Universal Soul Love Quote: Don't allow your happiness to fall victim . . .
Universal Soul Love Quote: Don't allow your happiness to fall victim . . .
Universal Soul Love Quote: Don't allow your happiness to fall victim . . .

Headlined, ET First Contact Radio, February 6, 2016

David and I will be discussing the current events regarding the development of the Financial Reset and Disclosure. Things are getting very exiting now, so tune in!

Headlined, Sexsational, February 5, 2016

Sexsational with Mister Bonafide and JW the Outlaw

Does role playing help spice up a relationship? It can! It's easy to get stuck in a routine when you sleep with your partner every night. Luckily, there are ways to change it up, without going too far outside of your comfort zone. Try taking on a new identity in the bedroom! Ask your partner who they would like you to be - you might learn something new about him or her. This week we explore the fantasy portion of role playing in relationships and how different couples incorporate role playing games in the bedroom! Join us!


Problems Band
Artist or Band Name: 
CD Name: 
Moonbeam (rework)
Song Names: 

Headlined, Why Life Is..., February 5, 2016

New Knowledge About Planets in Our
Solar System and Some Anecdotal
 Added Information About the
U.S. National Debt

Headlined, The War Report on Public Education, February 7, 2016

War Report on the Road - New York - Workplace Bullying Revisited

Please join Internet radio host Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. as he takes the War Report on Public Education on the road. This week Dr. Miller will be broadcasting live from New York as he continues to travel from state to state and gather The People's Story.

Article by Dr Louis Turi February 4, 2016

Looking For Love?
With the statistics pointing out to more than 75% of relationships ending up with failure we will all have to experience refutation a few times during the course of our life and one of the most difficult experiences to deal with is indeed "rejection".

Article by sri ram kaa and kira raa February 3, 2016

Sri and Kira
Are we already Navigating WW-III ?
Our world at large is seemingly ripe for even more crisis and war energies. There are economic, social and political pressures weighing heavily on the masses. We are all offered daily projections of economies crumbling as fear is escalating. There seems to be a “governing body” that has chosen "crisis" as the means to mobilize public sentiment while distracting the masses from the failure of their political systems.

Blog Entry, Lori Peters February 3, 2016

What's All The Fuss About Gratitude
Gratitude! It seems to be a major part to help cure what ale’s ya….in terms of helping you feel happier that is. It’s well documented that giving gratitude raises your happiness level, brings you out of the mental dumps and can even be utilized to help you get what you want out of life, and much more.

Headlined, Paradigm Shifters, February 2, 2016

Alx Uttermann

Alx Uttermann is a devotee of Sri Kaleshwar, and includes his "Big Bosses" his Divine Lineage of Shirdi Baba, Jesus Christ; and Mother Divine in India. Healer-in-Chief at Healing Feeling - Life-changing Zeal and Teacher/Healer/Minister at Universal Church Of Baba's Kitchen (UCBK)  Alx shares her stories of miracles,  perceptions of world traumas, aspirations for humanity and healing.  Full moon rituals and womb healings release many into greater possibilities.  Alx is a delightful soul with ancient wisdom and a powerful intentional spirit for new beginnings.

Blog Entry, Peter Kelly February 2, 2016

Dowsing For My Future
Dowsing For My Future
Far from being the dowsing ritual that folklore tells us about in the wild west when they were looking for underground water, Spiritual Dowsing is a lot, lot more. And in Dave Cowan's hands I was taken on a journey that was both insightful and enlightening.

Headlined, John Barbours World, February 8, 2016

Norman Lear

NORMAN LEAR - legendary TV producer chats with old friend John Barbour.  JP Sottile joins John for the 2nd segment of the show.

Headlined, The People Speak, February 2, 2016

Max Igan

MAX IGAN joins Steve Johnson again for discussion about Israel/Palestine.

Headlined, New Earth Journey, February 2, 2016

New Earth Journey Storyhour Groundhog day 2016

Enjoy New Earth Journey's first Storyhour Groundhog Day 2016. I'll be reading a story published in 1941 by Malcolm Jameson called, "Doubled and Redoubled" that may be one of the first time-loop stories ever written and certainly was the inspiration for the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day."

Article by KarenSchoen February 2, 2016

OBEY...Your Outcome-Based Future!
Your future is pre-planned. You're just not listening to the words. Pay attention to the messages Hollywood is sending, and you'll get a glimpse of the NWO utopia...your Outcome-Based Future!

Headlines & Highlights

Featured, Guest, Dr Gary Naime, February 7, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Sunday, February 07, 2016 02:00 pm

Guest, Dr Gary Naime

Guest Name: 
Dr Gary Naime
Guest Category: 
Guest Occupation: 
Social Psychologist and Authority on Workplace Bullying
Guest Biography: 

Dr. Namie is a social psychologist and widely regarded as North America’s foremost authority on Workplace Bullying. In 2007, 2010 and 2014, Dr. Namie wrote, and Zogby Analytics conducted, the most frequently cited, largest-ever, scientific U.S. survey of Workplace Bullying. Along with his wife, Ruth, they wrote the popular books, The Bully-Free Workplace (Wiley, 2011) and The Bully At Work 2nd ed. (Sourcebooks, 2009). He has 21 years university teaching experience in management and psychology, including the University of Southern California. He was a corporate manager for two regional hospital systems. He won national and college campus teaching awards. He now directs the only U.S. research and education organization with a focus on bullying at work, the Workplace Bullying Institute. The media regard Dr. Namie, after 1,200+ interviews, as the go-to expert. He leads advocates to enact the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill in US states. He serves as expert witness in bullying-related legal cases. Work Doctor®, the consulting firm, created the Workplace Bullying specialization.

Featured, Guest, Ingar Grev, February 7, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Sunday, February 07, 2016 02:00 pm

Guest, Ingar Grev

Guest Name: 
Ingar Grev
Ingar Grev
Guest Category: 
Guest Occupation: 
Managing Director of the Washington D.C. office of The Growth Coach
Guest Biography: 

Ingar Grev is the managing director of the Washington D.C. area office of The Growth Coach. A technology, leadership and strategy expert, Grev helps businesses run better through business, executive and sales coaching, strategic consulting, and interim executive services. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and holds an M.S. and MBA from the University of Maryland.

Featured, Guest, Pat Wowk, February 7, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Sunday, February 07, 2016 02:00 pm

Guest, Pat Wowk

Guest Name: 
Pat Wowk
Patricia Wowk
Guest Occupation: 
Marketing Professional
Guest Biography: 

Pat Wowk is an accomplished marketing professional with over 20 year experience with Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods companies and Fortune 500 business industries, including The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo and Graphic Packaging International.  She is in search of new opportunities and has shared her experience on LinkedIn recently, receiving close to 1,000 responses from women regarding the state of the market for women over the age of 50.

Featured, Guest, Magic Dick and Shun Ng, February 8, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, February 08, 2016 03:00 pm

Guest, Magic Dick and Shun Ng

Guest Name: 
Magic Dick and Shun Ng
The Ray Shasho Show Welcomes the Collaboration of Magic Dick & Shun Ng
Guest Category: 
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 



Magic Dick, the legendary harmonica player for Boston’s legendary J. Geils Band has recently partnered up with guitar and vocal sensation, Shun Ng, to create one of the most dynamic musical acts to come out of Boston in a long time. The music is soulful blues, rockin’ yet thoughtful and performed by arguably two of the top musicians at their respective instruments. Since 1969, Magic Dick has toured the world playing and blowing away clubs and stadiums with the J. Geils Band. He explains the formation of the duo:

“From the moment I first heard Shun Ng’s CD “Funky Thumb Stuff” I knew that a manifest musical collaboration was about to happen. Shun’s sound simply made me feel very alive and induced in me a synchronous alignment of musical DNA as if it was his intention as well as mine all along! I helped it along by asking his manager, Ralph Jaccodine to introduce us at his office. A long and enlightening conversation happened on that day of our first meeting and now we are a duo and I couldn’t be more delighted.”
Shun Ng was born in Chicago, raised in Singapore now based out of Boston. At 24 years old, he is already an international star, a soulful, world-class guitarist, vocalist, and electric performer who in a short period of time, has caught the attention of the top players in the music world including Quincy Jones who said: “When you see Shun Ng, you won’t believe your eyes nor your ears – he belies all stereotypes, all premonitions. I was simply blown away by both his soul and his science – his creativity and his uniqueness is astounding.”
“In this collaboration with Magic Dick,” Shun says, “we wanted to make music in a way that no one had quite done before while remaining grounded in our roots. Magic Dick brings a powerhouse attack with ferocious precision and a killer groove to this duo. I have great respect for him, he has seemingly done it all, but is still constantly trying to push the boundaries of music and chase the best in himself, a true artist. To be working with a true Boston legend is a real privilege.”
music video: “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”:


 "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" Magic Dick & Shun Ng

Featured, Guest, Norman Lear, February 8, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, February 08, 2016 05:00 pm

Guest, Norman Lear

Guest Name: 
Norman Lear
Norman Lear
Guest Category: 
Guest Occupation: 
Television Writer/Producer
Guest Biography: 

Norman Lear was born in New Haven, Connecticut on July 27, 1922. He dropped out of Emerson College to join the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II. He left the Army in 1945 and began writing comedy, which eventually transformed into screenwriting and producing for television and films. His best known projects include the TV shows All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude and Good Times.

Early Life

Television and film writer and producer. Born Norman Milton Lear on July 27, 1922. Lear grew up in a Jewish family in New Haven, Connecticut where his parents, Herman and Jeanette Lear, worked in sales. When Lear was only 9 years old, his father went to prison to serve a three-year sentence for fraud. With his father in jail, Lear turned to his uncle Jack and his grandfather Shya as role models. His grandfather wrote frequent letters to the president on the various political issues of the day. Lear later said his grandfather's political involvement taught him a lesson he never forgot: "that a citizen can matter." Nevertheless, Lear never imagined himself growing up to be a rich and famous celebrity. "All I wanted was to grow up to be a guy who could flip a quarter to a nephew," he once said.

Lear attended Emerson College in Boston, but dropped out in 1942 to join the United States Army Air Forces. He served as a radio operator and gunner during World War II, flying 52 combat missions in the Mediterranean Theater and earning the Air Medal with four oak leaf clusters. Lear left the military in 1945, and worked for four years in public relations before embarking on a career as a freelance comedy writer.

In 1950, Norman Lear teamed up with Ed Simmons to write The Ford Star Review, a musical comedy variety show that aired for one year on NBC. Although the show's run was brief, Lear and Simmons impressed comedian Jerry Lewis, who hired them to write for the Colgate Comedy Hour, where they worked until 1953. In 1958, Lear moved from writing to production, joining with director Bud Yorkin to found Tandem Productions. With Lear writing and producing, the pair produced numerous feature films, including Divorce American Style (1967), which earned Lear an Academy Award nomination in 1967.


All in the Family

In 1970, Lear got the idea to revamp the British sitcom Till Death Do Us Part to fit into an American context. Set in Queens, New York, All in the Family aired on CBS from 1971 to 1983 (renamed Archie Bunker's Place in 1979) and won four consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series. All in the Family was groundbreaking in many respects, helping to usher in a new era of television programs that tackled controversial and socially relevant subject matter. The show, which centered around the bigoted character Archie Bunker, examined the issues of race, sexuality, and social inequality through the lens of comedy, breaking longstanding television taboos against profanity, racial slurs, and toilet humor.

In addition to All in the Family, Lear wrote and produced a host of other controversial shows that dealt with pressing social issues. In 1972, he introduced Maude on CBS, whose caustic, liberal title character provided a foil to the conservative Archie Bunker. Lear also brought black families into starring roles on primetime television with Good Times (1974-1979) and The Jeffersons (1975-1985). While Lear's shows were often criticized for their sharp political bent, he vociferously defended his right to incorporate his personal views into his writing. "Why wouldn't I have ideas and thoughts," he said, "and why wouldn't my work reflect those ideas?"

Politics and Activism

In order to have a more direct impact on social change, in 1981 Lear decided to leave the world of television for political activism. In that year, he founded People for the American Way, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting First Amendment rights, strengthening public education, and promoting electoral and immigration reform. In 2000, Lear founded the Norman Lear Center at USC to support research investigating the intersection of entertainment and society. Four years later, he founded Declare Yourself, a nonpartisan youth voter registration initiative. For his work in both television and political activism, President Bill Clinton presented Lear with the National Medal of Arts in 1999, stating that "Norman Lear has held up a mirror to American society and changed the way we look at it."

Lear lives in Los Angeles, California with his third wife Lyn Davis Lear, with the two having married in 1987. He has six children and four grandchildren. Together the couple continues to participate in political causes; in 2009, they founded Born Again American, a group committed to reviving informed citizenship. And in October 2014, at the age of 92, he published his critically-acclaimed autobiography Even This I Get to Experience

Asked by an interviewer to sum up his influence on American television and society, Lear recalled one night when he was riding in an airplane. "I remember looking down and thinking, hey, it's just possible, wherever I see a light, I've helped to somebody laugh."

Even This I Get To Experience Norman Lear

Featured, Guest, Dave Cowan, February 8, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, February 08, 2016 08:00 pm

Guest, Dave Cowan

Guest Name: 
Dave Cowan
Dave Cowan
Guest Occupation: 
'A Course in Miracles'. The Oneness Blessing, Ilahinoor, Ho'oponopono, White Time Healing and other energetic transferences
Guest Biography: 

I started my sojourn on the planet growing up in a cozy family environment which encouraged love, laughter and learning. I chose to follow my ‘muse’ early in life by becoming a professional rock musician, which enabled me to thrive enough to support a family early on. I returned to schooling at age 40, and settled into the helping professions as a counselor for children, families and the unemployed. My interests led me to become trained and certified in Nutrition. I eventually embraced Quantum Biofeedback, an advanced computerized healing system, as both a practitioner and eventually international trainer and educator. My interests have expanded further to embrace the Spiritual aspects of healing, and now, with my wife Erina, teach and train others to become Licensed Spiritual Healers. My own inner work has evolved into an optimistic world view and desire share this with others through writing, teaching and music. I have authored ‘Navigating the Collapse of Time’ and co-authored ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ with Erina to support others in tapping into their greatest potentials.

Featured, Guest, James Tracy, February 9, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, February 09, 2016 06:00 pm

Guest, James Tracy

Guest Name: 
James Tracy
Professor James Tracy
Guest Occupation: 
Professor of Journalism and Media, Editor of Union for Democratic Communication's journal Democratic Communique, a regular contributor to, an affiliate of Project Censored and a contributor to their publication 'Censored 2013'
Guest Biography: 

Professor Tracy teaches classes on journalism and media at Florida Atlantic University.

His work on media history, politics and culture has appeared in a wide variety of academic journals, edited volumes, and alternative news and opinion outlets. Tracy is editor of Union for Democratic Communication's journal Democratic Communique. He is a also a regular contributor to the Center for Research on Globalization's website, an affiliate of Project Censored and contributor to that organization's most recent publication Censored 2013: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2011-2012.

Professor Tracy has spoken in media interviews as well as in articles about both the Sandy Hook Massacre and the Boston Explosions. His views were viewed by some as unacceptable and, in particular, complaints about his opinion that the Sandy Hook Massacre was possibly a hoax or not all that it appeared to be lead to a review by Florida Atlantic University placing his job in jeopardy. However, the American Association of University Professors has since defended Professor Tracy's right, under principles of academic freedom to speak on matters of public concern without fear of institutional discipline.

ISIS Fraud Exposed! Leaked Video Appears to Show Staged Killing of James Foley

James Robertson
Crimes of Empire


CyberBerkut (Google Translation):

We CyberBerkut received at the disposal of the file whose value can not be overstated!

Dear Senator McCain! We recommend you next time in foreign travel, and especially on the territory of Ukraine, not to take confidential documents.

On one of the devices of your colleagues, we found a lot of interesting things. Something we decided to put: this video should become the property of the international community!


LEAKED! ISIS Beheading Video Caught Filming In Studio!


The Cyber Berkut hacked video matches the James Foley proven fake killing to an extraordinary degree.

This almost seemed too good to be true but I found the above photo at Leak Source and the video of the IS studio filmed fake beheading scene matches in many ways and appears to be a film of the making of the fake James Foley execution video as the moving photograph above brilliantly demonstrates.

Many other small details from the James Foley video appear to match. These include the way the “Jihad John” character tucks his pants into his boots, along with the foreground landscape which differs between the fake execution videos. The Cyber Berkut hacking group claim they found the footage on the phone of a staffer of John McCain, a politician with extensive historical links to jihadist fighters and terror groups as this photograph and many others indicate.


US Senator John MCCain meets with takfiri jihadists fighters in Syria.circa 2012.

The man in the background next to McCain’s (as we see it) left shoulder. is alleged to be the Caliph of the IS Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who it is widely claimed is actually an Israeli agent real name Simon Elliot. Although all hard evidence of the supposed Caliph’s identity is cloaked in layers of misinformation.

The fake Caliph, the intensely pious man with a taste for the finer things!

The whole leader thing did not seem to work with the fake Caliph, he made only one personal appearance was widely mocked and might as well never have existed.

It was claimed that the Caliph was badly wounded in an air strike and was receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital. It was also claimed that he had died.

It is known that Israel provides medical and other assistance to both the IS group and the al Nusra front, it is in the UN reports, it is in the Jerusalem Post:

New UN report reveals collaboration between Israel and Syrian rebels – Middle East – Jerusalem Post.html

“Now, a report from the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) reveals that Israel has been working closely with Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights and have kept close contact over the past 18 months. The report was submitted to the UN Security Council at the beginning of the month.”

“The documents show that Israel has been doing more than simply treating wounded Syrian civilians in hospitals. This and a few past reports have described transfer of unspecified supplies from Israel to the Syrian rebels, and sightings of IDF soldiers meeting with the Syrian opposition east of the green zone, as well as incidents when Israeli soldiers opened up the fence to allow Syrians through who did not appear to be injured.”

“The report said UNDOF “observed at least 10 wounded persons being transferred by armed members of the opposition from the Bravo side across the cease-fire line.”

The story about Baghdadi in Israel wounded or dead may well be true but there is a distinct lack of evidence in any direction.

The beheadings, the Jihad John videos on the other hand were an obvious psyop and fraud proven within days of the Foley release and the Cyber Berkut video only adds to an overwhelming body of evidence of fraud and deception.

The Meaning of the Beheading Hoax.

Oops! They Hoaxed it Again!

6 REASONS Jihadi John/Emwazi is CIA/Illuminati – The Fakery is IRREFUTABLE

WOW! Media Damage Control On James Foley Video: “Experts Now Conclude Video Is Fake”

This Xendrius video has not been removed but Youtube seems to cause it to crash before it begins every time. Our beloved overlords at Google would NEVER seek to suppress the truth so the reason for this is a mystery. (It works embedded but still not on Youtube)

All Jihadi John Videos are 100% FAKE – HERE’S WHY

Featured, Guest, Lisa Ryan, February 10, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 05:00 pm

Guest, Lisa Ryan

Guest Name: 
Lisa Ryan
Guest Occupation: 
Author, Speaker
Guest Biography: 

Keynote speaker and author, Lisa Ryan is a nationally recognized gratitude expert and founder of Grategy®.  She is a dynamic presenter who teaches corporations, associations, and non-profits the immense power of gratitude in the workplace, and helps her clients translate soft skills into hard profits.  She focuses on employee productivity, customer retention and growth, and how these affect the bottom line.

Ms. Ryan is a featured expert in two films, “The Keeper of the Keys” with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and “The Gratitude Experiment” with several experts from the smash hit book and movie The Secret.  She is the author of five books including: The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude, From Afraid to Speak to Paid to Speak, and With Excellence. Her audiences love her passion and humor, and the fact that they leave with specific ideas that they can apply immediately.

Get your copy of The Upside of Down Times: here  The Keeper of the Keys is now available on DVD at

Lisa is a Professional member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International. She holds an undergraduate degree and MBA from Cleveland State University. She has been blissfully married to Scott since 1996.

Featured, Guest, Peekay, February 16, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, February 16, 2016 06:00 pm

Guest, Peekay

Guest Name: 
Peekay Boston Hoaxathon
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 

PEEKAY in his own words:

A Bio hmmmmmm I'm not one who likes to talk about himself. I'm just your everyday guy who hates to be lied to. Because i was lucky enough to awake to the lies about 10 years ago, I feel an obligation to pass on any information I can to those who still are asleep. I currently only use Youtube to pass on my message. Even though the subjects raised are very serious I try to entertain viewers with a bit of sarcasm and humour.
For someone to say I'm the BEST researcher out there is very flattering and a little bit exagerated. I can pretty much say my Boston work is pretty much second to none and hopefully will always be remembered for that.

Youtube Channels:
Peekay Boston



Featured, Guest, Gary Lucas & Jann Klose, February 22, 2016

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, February 22, 2016 03:00 pm

Guest, Gary Lucas & Jann Klose

Guest Name: 
Gary Lucas & Jann Klose
The Ray Shasho Show Welcomes the Amazing Musical Duo of Gary Lucas & Jann Klose
Guest Category: 
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 



On January 8th, 2016 guitarist Gary Lucas and singer Jann Klose released 10 songs they’ve collaborated on the past three years. Look for STEREOPTICON on Cosmic Trigger Records/The Orchard. The album was recorded in New York City’s premiere analog studio The Maid’s Room in September 2014 and June 2015.

Jann says “A Stereopticon is a classic slide projector that combines two images to create a three-dimensional effect. The title fit since there are the two of us and the album was recorded live on two-inch tape, the classic analog recording technique.“

Gary explains how the two create their new songs, “There is a lot you can do with just voice and guitar; we took influences from all over the Americana spectrum, and added a few odd surprises.”

“Secret Wings” was one of their first collaborations. Jann says, “it’s about the City beating you down and making it through the noise and craziness, especially in New York City!” Created by DeAngela Napier, “Secret Wings” is the duo’s new music video and available on YouTube. “Secret Wings” features scenes of the City, from jarring cabs and graffiti to comfort zones like Jann and Gary playing at the Rockwood Music Hall and breathing in Central Park. (In fact Gary will be sitting in with Jann at the Rockwood Stage 3 on the 21st of December at 8:30 PM. After that date, the two will be back on the road in Germany, United Kingdom and the U.S.

The jazzy “Fair Weather” is about two-faced people, while the Canned Heat-influenced “Walking And Talking” and the dramatic “Take Your Medicine” fit perfectly on blues radio.

Some songs “Nobody’s Talking” (about cellphone users who text in the company of friends) and a few with double-entendres: the sea shanty “Jewel Julia” and acoustic blues song “Let No One Come Between Us” were co-written with Dan Beck (who has collaborated with Dion DiMucci, the Iron Cityhouse Rockers, and the Rascals’ Felix Cavaliere). Dan also contributed to the Renaissance-esque “Overture,” and the pop-influenced “Well of Loneliness.”

Dan co-wrote “Mary Magdalene,” which has found support from a variety of New York City-area stations as the song supports the people in Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey still struggling to get their lives back to normal since Oct. 29, 2012’s Superstorm Sandy. (Gary and Jann encourage their fans to donate to the Island Park Volunteer Fire Dept., P.O Box 500, Island Park, NY 11558 or online at

STEREOPTICON is produced by Jann, Gary, and Dan, who call themselves “Dr. Tre.” The album was engineered by Jack McKeever (Joan As Police Woman, Anna & Kate McGarrigle) and Jason Candler (Queen Esther), who also plays soprano sax on “Nobody’s Talking” and tenor sax on “Well of Loneliness.” STEREOPTICON was mastered by Ben Kesler (Robert Randolph and the Family Band).

While Jann and Gary write as collaborators in the Roots Music Genre, both artists are eclectic musicians that tour throughout the world on their own.

Gary’s co-written hits with artists Joan Osborne: “Spider Web,” and Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” and “Mojo Pin.” He’s worked extensively with Captain Beefheart. ROLLING STONE says Gary is, “One of the best and most original guitarists in America…a modern guitar miracle.” He just received the Premio Ciampi Lifetime Achievement Award in Italy, named for one of Italy’s most famous songwriters. In 2014, Gary received the Ambassador’s Award for Cultural Diplomacy from the US Consul General of Milan. His long-awaited GARY LUCAS’ FLEISCHEREI: MUSIC FROM MAX FLEISCHER CARTOONS will be released on Cuneiform, February 2016. He is currently collaborating with Steve Kilbey (The Church), and Chris Shinn (new lead singer of Live), and was (this fall) Music Director of “State of Grace,” a multi-artist Australian tribute to Tim and Jeff Buckley.

Born in Germany and raised in Kenya, South Africa and the United States, Jann Klose is currently collaborating with Ann Hampton Callaway, Renaissance’s Annie Haslam, Hall & Oates’ John Oates and The Yardbirds’ Jim McCarty. In 2015 Jann and his music appeared in the short film THE BEAUTY OF DISASTER (Glimmer Girl, USA) and the award-winning Australian feature documentary A VENUE FOR THE END OF THE WORLD (BrinkVision, USA). His most recent album, MOSAIC won three 2014 Independent Music Awards and charted for several months on the AMA and Roots Rock charts.

Gary and Jann both worked on the movie GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY (Tribeca Film/Focus/Universal). Jann is the singing voice of Tim Buckley, while Gary consulted and played guitar. Tony Award winner Frank Wood plays Gary in the film.

The new album by GARY LUCAS & JANN KLOSE entitled 'STEREOPTICON' on Cosmic Trigger Records/The Orchard