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Host Your Own Talk Show

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Professional, live and engaging talk radio is where it's at today, and we deliver! At BBS Radio there are always live engineers in the studio, professionals handling and micromanaging all the details of the live broadcast, including initiating all calls to all participants, screening any in-coming callers, handling all mixing panels and boards, running introductory bumpers, choreographing all commercials and liners, removing audio problems from the audio track, fixing problems on the fly, and much more. There are actually live people here to answer all of your guest's or caller's questions while facilitating the entire production. BBS Radio provides the very best in live professional talk radio broadcasting services! We are a well established leader in remote engineered talk radio!

We will be your Talk Radio Concierge! We do talk radio right!

Have you experienced real talk radio? Talk show hosts that come to BBS Radio don't just come here to broadcast, they come here to feel the experience, to taste style, and revel in radio.....done right! Engaging and exciting, always!! Let us treat you to the magic of internet talk radio. We are a worldclass premier internet talk radio network and you'll be in excellent hands.

We make it simple! We make it exciting! We guarantee it!

Originally starting in 2004 as Bloginservice, and renamed to BBS Radio in 2005, this broadcasting network became one of first networks in the world to provide remotely engineered, live radio broadcasts over the Internet!

We have a diverse variety of thought provoking shows ranging from Yiddish art to clean energy, metaphysics to divination, non-mainstream political commentary to alternative health. It really is a network of powerful personalities providing illuminating information.

Effortlessly interview anyone from anywhere.
Become a radio host on BBS Radio!

BBS Radio invites you to personally host your own radio show on our worldwide platform! You can host a daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly radio show and it doesn't matter if you've done radio before or not! It doesn't matter who you are or where you live or work! You can be a radio host promoting your information, products, services, as well as your guests on live radio with no equipment. Everything is done via telephone and/or computer. We'll initiate (and pay for) all calls to you (the host) and your guests, no matter where they are on the planet. And then the fun begins.

Exciting and interactive talk radio!
Join our distinguished line-up of talk shows!

There is a reasonable slot fee charged for broadcasting on the network! For pricing please visit: Prices and Payments

The slot fee gives you your own radio show. It further gives you your own program profile page(s) on BBS Radio (which is basically a highly interactive environment you'll get to know quite well). We build it and customize it for you while also adding a wonderful array of "perks" that you'll find most exciting! You'll then have a platform that works to effectively syndicate and market your podcasts globally. You'll have the ability to promote yourself and others on your profile pages, archive pages, during yours broadcasts, within every podcast, and aggressively within each episode you create. You'll have the ability to participate in our forums, blog at your leisure, write articles, engage live chat boards, and more. All you really need is a phone, although some hosts prefer to use a computer or laptop for broadcasting.

BBS Radio is a strongly trafficked website. Our quality of broadcasting and podcasting is excellent! There are no long-term contracts or hassles with BBS Radio! There are no contracts period! We are very transparent. Here are just a few reasons why you should really consider hosting your talk show on our talk radio network: 50 Reasons Why.

Compare us to others in the industry and you'll soon realize that we stand out among our peers! Go to Yahoo, Google or MSN search engines and type "" with quotes and see how many values you get. We certainly carry a strong presence!


Why Talk Radio?

Internet Talk Radio is your best choice to express and communicate all manner of goods and services to a lucrative market with a global presence. The audio tools created by radio can be called upon again and again, for use as training tools, book materials, blog content, advertising clips, etc. Indeed, how better to build upon your business then by building a target market audience in ways that focus the power of your ideas? Ideas in motion receiving instant feedback!

Why BBS Radio?

Excellent reasons to become a broadcaster and host your own talk show with BBS Radio!

50 Reasons Why in full detail

  1. Professional Live Broadcasting!
  2. Professional Podcasting, Globally Syndicated!
  3. Accurate & Dynamic Program Stats!
  4. Strong Rankings!
  5. Powerful Affiliates!
  6. Complete Facebook Twitter & LinkedIn Integration!
  7. Network Content Newsroom and Syndicated Content Feeds!
  8. No Contracts!
  9. Be Heard on iTunes, Stitcher, Plus More!
  10. Shared or Exclusive Rights!
  11. 128K Stereo Archives in 24 hours or less!
  12. We are Fully Reporting and do this for you!
  13. Sophisticated Radio Player with Embed Code!
  14. 24K to 128K Live Stereo Streams!
  15. Toll Free Call-in numbers! USA & Canada
  16. iPhone & Android Apps!
  17. Analog or Digital, Computer or Phone!
  18. AM/FM Broadcast Ready!
  19. Pre-taping Interviews for Flexibility! No Extra Fee!
  20. Many Broadcasting Choices!
  21. Fully Interactive "Off Schedule" Specials!
  22. Develop Commercials, Intros, Outros, Bumpers & Liners at No Cost!
  23. Keep 100% of Your Earnings!
  24. Unmolested Broadcasting or Podcasting!
  25. Live Customer Service!
  26. Hassle-Free Contact and 100% Privacy!
  27. No fillers or audio ads added to your broadcasts, that aren't yours!
  28. No Censorship!
  29. High Visibility of Donations Links!
  30. Professionally Edited Audio Archives!
  31. Receive Regular Guest Submissions!
  32. Comments on Everything - Instant Feedback!
  33. Your Own Live Interactive Chat Board!
  34. Obtain Quick Guest Endorsements!
  35. Feature Your Guests!
  36. Headline New Shows!
  37. Personal and Highly Customized Web Pages!
  38. Add Documents to Your Program Page!
  39. Add Audio Promos to Your Program Page!
  40. Add Videos to Your Program Page!
  41. Free Network Commercials!
  42. Everything Can Be Edited!
  43. Quickly Change Program Time Slot!
  44. Upload Banners Advertisements Easily!
  45. Promote All Your Events!
  46. No Restrictions or Limits!
  47. Software is not in control of your experience, until it needs to be!
  48. You are Never Lost!
  49. Free Banner Creation & Free Professional Audio Editing!
  50. Awesome Price!


We have a live remote broadcasting studio with many computers and a lot of hardware, working with software, to facilitate professional quality live radio broadcasts from all over the world. Since 2004 our facility handles and manages everything remotely with live engineers, doing away with the outdated model of having to travel to a broadcasting studio to do a personal and/or professional live broadcast. People can now do it professionally from the comfort of their own home for little to no cost! We'll prove it!

In our remote studio facility there are people handling all aspects of the broadcasts, much like any live radio studio or live music recording studio. The BBS Radio Network always has live personnel in the studios working with its lineup of broadcasters. You too will have a "live studio engineer" that will professionally handle your live broadcasts remotely, from the BBS Radio broadcasting studios.

Your "live studio engineer" will call you and your co-host(s) and then all of your guest(s), on separate lines. They'll optimize sound levels so everyone can be heard, so you hear everything, with minimal sound degradation. Once levels are optimized your engineer will count you on to the air, after running any introductory audio file "intro" you may have. They will monitor your broadcast, changing levels on the fly to achieve the best sound quality while fixing problems as they may occur. If you drop off the broadcast suddenly, because of a bad phone line or poor internet connection, or you lose one of your guests (that may have called in on a weak cell phone), then your engineer will be there to help take care of the problem so that the broadcast continues as smoothly as possible! You'll be amazed!

Your "live studio engineer" will edit the audio file after the broadcast to eliminate any hiccups or problems that may have occurred during the broadcast. Your engineer will run commercial audio files during your breaks and even help you create some, including intros & outros, and promotional spots for advertisers and show sponsors. They will screen call-ins to your program (as directed) and will let you know when you have callers waiting. They can do this in many ways, including via tones, voice or text. They will monitor your broadcasts, often preventing common problems that occur during live radio. Your engineer is your support staff during your broadcast and at any other time, for as long as you are with the network. Continuous live support!

We take the guess work out of broadcasting. There are many automated conferencing, teleconferencing, streaming "do-it-yourself" broadcasting solutions that a person can find; we just will not automate what should never be automated! You cannot beat a live service when doing live talk radio! A software solution just doesn't cut it. How does it fly when you're trying to obtain well known guests, advertisers, sponsors or any credibility in talk radio?

Your guests, listeners, sponsors, advertisers, friends, associates and customers will appreciate the quality and feel of having a professional handling your broadcast. It will add a polish to your broadcast that is sadly lacking with software solutions. It really is a more professional way to do your radio program and people will notice the difference! We provide the support and the "backbone" that no program should do without!

Competitors charge hundreds of dollars per week for live remote internet talk radio broadcasting services, we do not! We are one of the finest and the oldest remote internet radio broadcasting facilities in the world and we find those prices ridiculous. You will appreciate how we do business. Trying our services is effortless and painless, and our great prices will make you smile. Go month to month, no contracts or commitments necessary! Please call us for further information.

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- Authority: is the belief in your prowess! This is inevitable when you speak on a platform that reaches millions! Social Credo!

“You are the alpha, the omega. The proof in the pudding!”

- Revenue: create cash flow opportunities! Increase existing revenue streams, and ultimately get more people to your store with minimal effort.

- Influence: when others hear you communicate, you gain influence and momentum. You become a friend! A voice! A guide!

“Internet Talk Radio Listeners are among the most loyal, active, vocal people on the planet!”

- Notoriety/Fame: the only way that most people will ever be known is through media!

“Don't you want to go where everybody knows your name?”

- Knowledge: wisdom from insightful guests, and access to known luminaries, can provide a dizzying showcase of information, breaking news stories, and cutting edge commentary; ultimately opening doors, answering questions and solving problems.

“Ever wanted a backstage pass? Ever wanted to go behind the curtain?”

- Leadership: Take Charge! Direct the energies of a worldwide audience! Start a movement! Stand Out and Stand Up for something!

- Connections/Networking: because everyone has a story to tell, you become an important person in other peoples' lives. You are the one they want to connect with, communicate with, and befriend, because you can now give them a platform to tell their story.

“Meet the man, behind the man, behind the other man, or start at the top!”

- Branding/Awareness: bring products and services to the masses with permanent exposure of audio ads, banners and links.

“Good Impressions take time to forget! Permanence is possible! Leave a mark upon this earth, the best than can be struck!”

- Content: the audio tools created by radio can be called upon again and again for use as training tools, book materials, blog content, advertising clips, promotional materials, etc. Focus the power of your ideas! Ideas in motion receiving instant feedback!

“Ever forgot to write that down? Or wished somebody got it on tape?”

- Platform: an interactive medium utilizing audio and visual components, can achieve answers, visibility, connectivity, and interactivity all from the comfort of home! It's marketing genius!

“There's no business like show business!”

The Age of Radio. Live Interactive Internet Talk Radio for the New Age


Internet Talk Radio Listeners are among the most loyal, active, word-of-mouth friends there are! If you are a business that sells a product(s) and/or a service(s), then you will definitely want to connect with people on the Internet, and in the most effective manner possible, one which is both effective and affordable. That manner is audio. Video is also a possibility, but it's more costly and not as "user friendly". Audio and video are the means, whereas audio should always be your first choice! You can incorporate video aspects later, once you've found that people actually like listening to you on a regular basis. Marketing audio has many advantages on the internet to that of video while still being easily adaptable to video with imagery and flash, for that YouTube experience.

To be quite bold, internet talk radio is just about the finest tool a business can utilize to build a corporate internet "ego" that easily accesses a global audience. There really is no biz like show biz! Any business can profit from an internet show. If you build an internet presence, and add a little style, you'll be amazed at how powerful this can be for your bottom line. With the viral nature of today's social networks & internet medial outlets a business can be propelled into the spotlight with or without notice.

To achieve global penetration with viral potential for almost any service or product you must step into the New Age, and use the Net to Connect. It is that huge! Online Radio provides an interactive platform that can achieve answers, visibility, interactivity, and connectivity, all from the comfort of home! It's marketing genius!

If you provide a service and/or product, you should have an internet talk radio program. If you are a publishing firm, you should consider rotating authors and editors into a weekly one hour radio broadcast. If you are a brewer, you should have your employees on a talk radio platform talking about your wonder brew. If you are a talent agency or scout you can easily see how having a talk radio program would deliver powerful new clients! In point of fact, if you are engaged in any type of business from real estate to organic goods, you could easily benefit from an integrated, interactive, social media platform as part of your "game plan". Fact! It's just smart business, for any business!

Internet Talk Radio is your best choice to express and communicate all manner of goods and services to a lucrative market with a global presence. The audio tools created by radio can be called upon again and again, for use as training tools, book materials, blog content, advertising clips, etc. Indeed, how better to build upon your business then by building a target market audience in ways that focus the power of your ideas? Ideas in motion receiving instant feedback!

Get out there and talk about your business. Talk about your product. Talk about your service. Talk about you, your hopes, your future. Talk about it all, and talk about it often!

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