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Looking Good with Daniella Platt
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MEET THE OVERWEIGHT PERSON'S BEST FRIEND, David Medansky.  David helps people lose weight without going on a diet, without exercising, and without having to count calories. His own weight loss journey began in July 2016 when his doctor told him, he had a 95% of a heart attack!
David shed 50 pounds in four months, and after a career as a divorce attorney, today he shares his wisdom on how to create a healthier lifestyle, based on his personal journey. One interesting fact:  Apples burn about 25 calories as your body breaks it down ... whereas while chocolate tastes so good, it really does absolutely nothing.  
We caught up with David on the day he launched his latest book, Break the Chains of Dieting. Hear his magic tips on how to be healthy, and why it matters, including his 9 principles shared in the book.
What you will learn,

    - Don't Ask for A Menu!  How to order at a restaurant without reading the menu
    - Why diets take your money and have you fail! It’s a $71 billion industry
    - Why should you eat on a blue plate?  And not red or yellow?
    - Why does diet soda cause you to gain weight?
    - Which foods give you energy and while also helping you lose weight
    - How to shop at markets like Costco and find the misleading nutritional details

What's the big idea of launching this book, and why now? 
“I’m here to share the life lessons. Consistently, over time, you will shift your life. You are the pilot of your own weight loss and health journey.  It’s not that you have to be perfect, I'm not a purist.   Indulge every once in a while. Enjoy a slice of chocolate cake or pecan pie -- Just have a sliver, a small portion of each, slower.  Change your whole perception of food." 

David managed to capture the attention of Jack Canfield! "With so much misunderstanding and disagreement on diets and weight loss, David Medansky offers an achievable, realistic, and simple approach for healthy and permanent weight loss that anyone can do." – Jack Canfield, New York Times best-selling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

I’m Daniella Platt. You are Looking Good, You As You Are! We are on a mission to make sure you are limitless.
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