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Good Morning, FaithSprings Family and Friends!

I just wanted to share something REAL QUICK with each of you this morning!

This Sunday I will be delivering a message that could be the most IMPORTANT SERMON that I have ever preached in my LIFE!

We are going to take a one week “break” from the Book of Jonah and focus on this VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE.

This could be the BEGINNING of a REVIVAL in YOU and in our CHURCH….and you will NOT want to miss this!

My request is this:

*Please consider being present at church this Sunday at 10:00 am for this SPECIAL WORD.  (We will be anticipating a large crowd)!

*If you can’t please be PRESENT online at 10:00 am LIVE on

*Invite someone to church!

*Before entering the church building….PRAY for God’s PERFECT WORD to enter your heart.

*Bring YOUR Bible and a notebook.

*I NEED PRAYER WARRIORS to greet people as they get out of their cars on Sunday morning to say a prayer over them before they enter the building.  Please consider being there a little early to pray for those entering church.  9:30 am should be good.

This message is for EVERYONE!

The “Senior Saints”!

The Middle aged adults!

The Young Millennials!

The Youth and Children!

There are times in my life when I knew something special was going to happen and folks, this is ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

This is the WORD OF GOD!  It will NOT be water downed.  It will NOT be compromised. 

You will NOT want to miss this Sunday!

OH….before I go, please do me another favor….PLEASE post this poster, text it, email it, and tell everyone about this Sunday!

I know this is Labor Day Weekend…..

BUT….make a decision to apply Joshua 24:15 to your life and to the life of your family:

Alright, I have invited you and even challenged you to BE THERE!

Don’t let the holiday weekend stop you.

Don’t let the weather stop you.

Don’t the Covid-19 stop you.

Put on the full Armor of God and take a STAND! (Ephesians 6:7-11)


I just want to thank you for allowing me to be the Pastor of the most loving and caring church that I have ever known.

You are AWESOME!

May God Bless You!