Guest Name, Yvonne Smith CHt

Yvonne Smith CHt
Yvonne Smith, Certified Hypnotherapist

YVONNE SMITH, C.Ht.: From High School Mascot to Internationally Recognized Hypnotherapist

Yvonne began life normally enough: she was mascot for her high school football team and that same year was asked to be a participant on the notional t.v. “Dating Game’ program. She moved on to be in charge of the jury room for the busiest courthouse in the United States… in Los Angeles…during which time she attended a lecture by hypnotherapist pioneer Budd Hopkins. She then became hooked by his presentation in learning that hypnotherapy was such a useful tool in helping people suffering from PTSD.

Smith began researching the UFO phenomenon in the late 1980s. After 2 years of studies and 1000 hours of internship a California Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only accredited Hypnosis College in the United States, she received her hypnotherapy certification in 1990. Specializing in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder, she uses her hypnotherapy skills to assist such victims to work through their anxiety, with many of her subjects referred to her by physicians and psychiatrists who believe Smith's expertise can benefit their patients. In fact, many such patients are not only themselves doctors, university professors, military and foreign pilots, as well as housewives, teachers, mailmen and other professionals and non-professionals …sometimes flying from other countries to meet with Smith in Los Angeles.

In UFO circles, whenever there is a reported "sighting” UFO investigators emphasize and evaluate whether the experiencer’s description supports, or not, the reality of a UFO contact. However, the emphasis of recognized regressive hypnotherapy expert Yvonne Smith concerns the too frequently ignored emotional trauma to the experiencer from their encounter.

Because Smith [who is internationally known in UFO circles as simply “hypnotherapist Yvonne”] observed that many of the PTSD cases being referred to her involved subjects describing similar patterns of UFO abduction encounters, she founded Close Encounters Resource Organization [CERO] as a monthly support group for such individuals in 1992. She was also on the board of the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS) which furthers support for such subjects. Most recently Yvonne founded and is CEO of CERO-International which educates the public by conducting open-to-the-public events about the close encounter/abduction phenomena.

In addition to being a hypnotherapist "in demand", since 1991 Yvonne has traveled extensively, presenting lectures in the United States at M.I.T. and several other universities, at many American "UFO" conferences, and has lectured for several years at international conferences from South America to Europe.. The Roswell International UFO Museum annually invites Yvonne to present multiple lectures, be a panel member, and be moderator of their investigator panel. She lectures at the International UFO Congress in Arizona, U.S.A. where she has conducted record setting, standing-room-only, experiencer sessions.

Yvonne has made hundreds of television and radio appearances. ABC News asked Yvonne to respond in a televised news special to scientist Stephen Hawking’s negative depiction of aliens. Comfortable in front of cameras, her American television appearances have included programs such as The History, Discovery, and Biography channels, The Montel Williams Show, Intruders, MSNBC, Encounters, Sightings, Joan Rivers, Rosanne Barr and The Leeza Show to name a few. Foreign t.v. appearances have included Telemundo T.V., and Jaime Maussan Productions, Germany T.V., Australian, Canadian, and Italian television for broadcast to multiple countries. Having her living room turned into a television "studio" for many hours has been a common occurrence, and she is frequently a consultant to producers, directors and actors for movies and television programs in the works.

Yvonne’s regressive hypnotherapy was featured in the Biography channel’s “Alien Intent” which was co-produced and narrated by prize winning author Whitley Strieber and also featured well known surgeon Dr.Roger Leir.

Yvonne has also been interviewed as a frequent radio program guest by such well known radio hosts as Coast to Coast with George Noory, Art Bell, Paul Harvey, Jerry Pippin, Dr. David Viscott, Joe Montaldo, , the Sweeps Fox "Radio Ireland" show, England’s “The Unexplained” and many other hosts who have broadcast Yvonne’s interviews to over to over 54 countries. Several interviews of Yvonne have been published in both United States and foreign publications, including the international Nexus publication as well as Open Minds.

With Travis Walton, Smith was a guest of a historic Coast2Coast broadcast. It included as guests, for their first time in 35 years “on the air” , two of Walton’s fellow workers who witnessed his abduction…and then faced murder charges. Coast2Coast expanded its traditional 3 hour format to 4 hours for this special presentation, and was broadcast to more than 500 cities. In addition to her many radio and TV interviews and participation, Yvonne with her CERO group, was asked by Disney’s Michael Eisner to participate in a Disney project involving release of their movie, “Alien Encounters” (1995).

As the foremost female hypnotherapist in this field, in the 1990s Yvonne traveled on a lecture tour with hypnotherapy colleagues David Jacobs, PhD. and the late Dr. John Mack and Budd Hopkins. Yvonne has also lectured and been a panel-member with well known colleagues, UFO researchers, writers and speakers such as Whitley Strieber, George Noory, Dr. Roger Leir, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., Paola Harris, John Carpenter, Maj.Robert Dean, ret., Jaime Maussan, Don Schmitt, Tom Carey, Steve Bassett, Linda Howe, Michael Lindemann, Travis Walton, Derrel Sims and others. She has also enjoyed conferences with former U.S. Apollo astronaut, Edgar Mitchell.

Yvonne is the author of “CHOSEN: Recollections of UFO Abductions Through Hypnotherapy” which exposes, with dramatic regressive hypnotherapy transcripts, the hidden memory trauma reality suffered by abductees.

Yvonne, with co-interviewee Budd Hopkins, is the subject of the DVD, “Alien Hybrids & Clinical Hypnotherapy." which is volume 1 from the Secrets of the Underground series. Further, as a Co-Host with Maj. Robert Dean, NATO ret.,on Dreamland’s UFO Anthology Vol-1 DVD Yvonne is the abduction hypnotherapist lecturer..

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