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Urica Rose
Urica Rose
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The world of Rock-N-Roll is about to be rattled by a Texas girl with a NYC vibe. Giving Rock a serious twist, singer/song writer Urica Rose is this generations answer to the reinvention of "Rock". Born in Texas, but raised in NYC from a very young age, Urica acquired the ways of NYC & it's eclectic inhabitants. At age 16, she honed into her inner talents and realized she had an extraordinary harmonious gift.

Temporarily relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, Urica ventured on a path to express her talents to the world, by the age of 19. Inspired by legends, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett and Aretha Franklin, Urica crafted her vocals into a passionate, blues filled rawness, seasoned with an ample dose of "Rock". Evolving more as an artist, Urica quickly expanded her musical aptness by assimilating the skills of the guitar. ATL audiences were the first to be mesmerized by her distinct sound. Urica Rose discovered her niche... Rock & Blues.

After returning to NYC, Urica teamed up with a local band with an amazing sound. Urica's vocals "prowl" on a sultry ballad, but in that same breathe, can bring the hardcore to a rock song. The combination of Urica's uninhibited bluesy rythm fused with the bands new age alternative beat, unearths a powerhouse sound that resonates into an astonishing reinvention of music. Urica Rose will catapult this phenomena into "The New Generation of Rock".