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Bruce Gibson - Musician
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Woodstock, Georgia’s Bruce Gibson is set to release his follow-up to his 2010 CD release “Love & Lust & Hopes & Dreams & Fears” on January 19th, 2016. The new 10-song CD “Moments in Between” is an eclectic collection of “real Americana, authentic music with everyman lyrics”. “There’s not a single conversation; it’s the moments in between everything I’ve ever heard, everything I’ve ever seen.” – “That lyric reflects my journey over the past five years and the stories collected on this album”, remarks Bruce. “It’s in the quiet moments nobody else sees, the romance, the heartache, the confusion, the perseverance, the love, the grace, and the humility. It’s a blessing to write these songs and share them here.”

Bruce Gibson is a singer-songwriter in the contemporary Americana folk style but with a real rock sensibility. His music is authentic and relevant with a blend of lyric and rhythm that is as personally relatable as it is turn up the volume and groove. 

“Artists who make music like this are special.”

"A definite knack for songwriting." "Meaningful, personal."

"Hooray! A songwriter whose songs I understand and enjoy."

"Truly heartfelt tunes.... Bruce Gibson sings with conviction as he pours his heart out."

Singer/songwriter Bruce Gibson’s earliest musical influences were John Denver, quickly followed by Lennon / McCartney. He’s carried that strong songwriter influence into his own music experiences which included many years of performing at county fairs, youth worship, college frat parties, late nightclubs, coffee houses, and open-air festivals. His songwriting today holds the lyric as a centerpiece and includes hints of relationship, romance, family, strength, nature, heartache, and tenacity. These words are wrapped in music that incorporate elements of folk, gospel, country, R&B, and rock. Gibson’s sophomore album “Moments in Between” includes fully-produced electric tracks such as “Sonny Liston”, “Soldier On”, and “What I Don't Know”. You'll also hear stripped down heart-stirring confessional acoustic tracks such as “Quiet Heart”, “Small Hotel”, and “Light of Day”.

Gibson has collaborated with Chris Cunningham at Basecamp Studios in Bozeman, Montana, since 2008. Chris has produced two albums with Gibson: Love & Lust & Hopes & Dreams & Fears (2010) and Moments in Between.

Gibson will be supporting his new CD release with shows and live appearances in and around the Southeastern USA.

Title: Moments In Between

Artist: Bruce Gibson

Genre: Americana

Track Listing

1.     Small Hotel                                    3:40

2.     Light of Day                                    3:39

3.     Know What I Know                        4:09

4.     Soldier On                                    3:39

5.     Cloud Shadows                                    2:57

6.     Sonny Liston                                    3:21

7.     Steps to the Quest                        3:31

8.     My Way Home                                    3:17

9.     Quiet Heart                                    4:06

10.  Love is Grand                                    3:45

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris Cunningham

Recorded at Basecamp Recording, Bozeman, MT