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Robin Eagle Sage
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Learn to meditate and read energy to become your own best guru! Stop giving your power away to doctors and researchers who do not have your best interest in mind. Find out what you really need, through inner awareness, to make your life the most on point and empowered ever. The Sage School of Light, run by Medical Intuitive, Robin Eagle Sage, has three programs that will teach you to do exactly that. 

Medical Intuitive

Robin Eagle Sage is a medical intuitive, healer, clairvoyant reader, author and teacher. She writes the column called Medical Intuitive Corner in Whole Person Magazine in Los Angeles and in Sedona Conscious Magazine in Sedona, AZ. Robin gives energy readings and healings over the phone and Skype worldwide. She is the founder of Sage School of Light and teaches a Medical Intuitive training program for beginners. Robin is the author of the book, “The Financial Alchemist; The spiritual and material recipe for financial success,” the CD "Soul Love; An interactive meditation to attract wealth, health and the relationship of your dreams!” and three audio meditations: “Financial Success & Abundance,” “Releasing Stress and Fear” and “Love & Joy.”

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