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Meredith Lugiai
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Our dreams are perhaps one of the biggest mysteries. While science has taken us great strides through many ‘unsolved’ mysteries of the human psyche, there remains much to be learned. Meredith Lugiai has spent the past twenty years researching dreams from various standpoints to include the philosophies of Jung and Freud. Meredith’s discoveries, through her own experiences and those of others, have led her down a road yet to be paved into the wild nature of our dreams. In fact, Meredith is the first researcher to introduce the name of this new concept of dreaming….Para-dreaming. So what is the definition of ‘para-dreaming’? The root word ‘para’, derived from the Greek language meaning ‘near, alongside, beyond, beside and abnormal’. In other words, para-dreaming is dreaming in the beyond or paranormal dreaming. Many of us have had dreams that have yet to be explained through the mainstream concept of dreaming. We search out experts to explain our experiences and are left with more questions than answers. Perhaps you too have been left with questions that Meredith's book on paranormal dreaming can help explain for you.

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Meredith Lugiai is a dream intuitive and dream guide with a very down-to-earth persona. She is the author of three dream books, the first two under the pen name Smith. Her work with dreams answers questions we've all had about some dream experience almost never talked about. She has been researching dreams for 20 years and through her own experiences and those shared by others, she has been able to put together some of the most complex puzzles in the dream realm.

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