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Mary Ross
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Writer Mary Ross, author of “Weapons Formed Against Me,” is a fascinating and inspiring true life story of a women’s quest to find hope, redemption, and new life amidst the ruins and despair of Skid Row.

Why is this story fascinating?

Award winning novelist and author of five published novels, Darnella Ford made this about Mary Ross’s recently release biography: “Simply, there are NO words to describe the miracle in the birthing of “Weapons Formed Against Me,” a remarkable, true life story.

Skid Row in Los Angeles is one of the most intense and dark places in America. Yet, it is a place where hope is present in the midst of filthy, crime-filled city streets and unbelievable suffering.

For over thirty years, Mary Ross, a woman who was living on Skid Row, had often dreamt of writing a book to tell her UNBELIEVABLE life story. Upon meeting Darnella Ford at a lecture series, their conversation quickly advanced and Ford expressed a desire to help Mary begin the hard work of writing and completing her biography. This fruitful encounter marked the beginning of “The Women’s Writer’s Circle of Skid Row,”which helped Mary and other aspiring authors eager to share their stories. Mary’s faithful commitment to the project has produced “Weapons Formed Against Me,” which prompted Ford to make the following statement:

“In working with authors from all over the world, I have never encountered such a provocative, twisted, intensely bone crushing, and deeply disturbing memoir. This is the TRUE life story of Mary Ross, a young woman who was raised by a guardian who “tricked” Mary into believing she was her “mother” only to abuse, torment and ridicule Mary throughout her childhood. Her guardian spent more than a decade perfecting her technique of torment

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Author Mary Ross was born and raised in Kansa City, Missouri. As a teenager, she relocated to Denver, Colorado where she studied Criminal Justice at Metropolitan State College. Eventually, Ross enlisted in the United States Army and was stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey and Fort Belvoir West Virginia. Following her service in the military, Ross moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in professional standup. She performed at the famous the Laugh Factory, Comedy Store and The Savoy. Following a short run in comedy, Ross fell upon hard times and ended up on L.A.’s infamous Skid Row. It was during her tenure on the mean streets of Los Angeles that Ross began to dream of pursuing her writing career. In a chance encounter with award winning novelist, Darnella Ford, Ross requested Mentorship and Ford obliged. Through the mentorship, Ford became an Editor/Development Consultant to Ross and assisted her in the development of her deeply disturbing and shocking biography, Weapons Formed Against Me. Ross currently resides in Los Angeles and is the author of two books.

Mary Ross

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