Guest Name, Liv Scrivanich

Liv Scrivanich
Liv Scrivanich
Energy Healer Quantum Field Facilitator International Board Certified Clinical Clinical Hypnotherapist

Liv Scrivanich, CCHt, PNLP, PEFT, PTT. is an Intuitive, International Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as a Certified Practitioner in NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques and a Certified Success Coach specializing in Personal Growth and Development. With her extensive training and experience, Liv can help you overcome your obstacles and reach your desired outcomes, easily and effortlessly evolving the spiritual and physical lives of her clients so they are integrated into wholeness. Liv experienced asthma from the time she was 18 months old until she was 48. In and out if the hospital and on multiple inhalers from a young age she felt she never should have had asthma. She started exploring energy and techniques. She found out about EFT. She used it on an issue unrelated to asthma. During the session, when the issue released, so did the asthma! That was 14 years ago and she has been asthma free ever since. That's what started her on the path to help others in the same way.

United States