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Kathy J Forti PhD
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Can Math Be the Key to Healing? Ancient Pythagorean science once believed so, and so did the great visionary and inventor Nikola Tesla. Some believe the depth of this knowledge has been lost or intentionally buried. Clinical Psychologist Dr Kathy Forti had a near death experience in 2003 and came back with information that suggests the keys to our DNA and the blueprint of creation may be found in numbers. She used this information to create algorithmic technology to balance and promote healing in the body. Learn how these informational codes coupled with use of fractals, sacred geometry, harmonic tones, and crystal rods attached to one's computer are making an amazing difference. You will be intrigued to discover how these findings are being used for positive global change.


Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist with over 25 years experience in trauma, neurofeedback, dissociative identity disorders and energy medicine work. A near-death experience in 2003 led to her bringing back information that led to the development of the Trinfinity8 technology - a technology based on mathematical algorithms for healing used by holistic practitioners around the world. She is the author or the 6-part metaphysical children's book series "Freddie Brenner's Mystical Adventures" now released a a free e-book. She has also written and produced the "STACKSTV" web-series on inter-dimensional Libraries of Truth. Dr. Forti has a doctorate and masters degree in psychology from Old Dominion University and a BA in Journalism from New York University. She currently lives in the Los Angeles area.