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Guy Lozier
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Guy Lozier, an Oklahoma resident, having grown up in Oklahoma enjoying small towns mostly, spends his time writing novels, working on film projects and other production issues such as film editing, film special effects, sound and graphic manipulation. Guy not only writes his novels but also creates his own covers and does his own editing.

Having owned his own bookstore back in the ninties, Guy spent much of his time back then reading sci-fi and fantasy authors who wrote series, having read well over 500 novels over the years with most of them being fantasy, pushed Guy to create his own stories.

Guy is currently writing three different fantasy series having recently published the first two books in his Mind Rift Saga. His first novel "The Eternal: Guardian of Light" is currently in production stages as a movie. He also is currently working on a Non-Fiction Historical Novel about one of the soldiers fromt back in the 1800's who survived Little Big Horn. He has the original Manuscript and other museum quality pieces which will be displayed in the novel in photos. This is an interesting novel in that the individual featured in the novel tells a different story than history concerning who gave the true orders which got Custor and his men massacred and then spent days writing a white washed report to turn in. A very interesting piece indeed.

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The Mind Rift Saga and other series of Novels by Guy Lozier