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Bob Sima
Bob Sima
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Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter

Bob Sima has been awakening for a lifetime. As a small child in suburban America he spent most of his youth on sports fields, diving boards, and barefoot in the backyard chasing fireflies…a setting ripe for daydreaming, wondering, and inquiring. It was an idyllic setting, a great foundation for being a child, a safe embrace for living the dream. For most, this storybook life -- in its ripe setting – would stir a natural thirst for a repeat of a similar idyllic life as an adult. It's a common story in America--The Dream. inner life. He downsized everything. He downsized stuff. He downsized beliefs. He shed a lot of layers, almost all of them, to get to his core. Everything had to go to make way for the new. He immersed himself into the modern and ancient teachings of human potential, transformational work, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breathwork, and experiential awareness. It all became a devotional path and a true passion when combined with a new guitar and a fresh voice that had been held silent for half of a lifetime. This is where art meets meaning and dharma. Silence and stillness were his practice. Deep listening and discernment became the well-earned gift. As a result, a never-ending flow of songs spawned at a voracious pace, directly from the teachings he was consuming. At this point, Bob clearly tapped into the divine intersection of gifts and passion, adding to his a sense of purpose. What follows is the perfect recipe for a man on fire, illumined by the divine flow. Before long he was opening for acts such as Ellis Paul, David Wilcox, Vance Gilbert, and Jesse Harris, and he was from winning slots to perform in major songwriting contests like Kerrville Folk Festival, Mountain Stage, Wildflower, and Falcon Ridge. He was awarded first prize at Wildflower from more than 500 entries. His growing demand opened doors in March 2012 to perform his song “Be The Change” at the Be The Change National Conference. He began so share the stages with Marianne Williamson, Gay Hendricks, Jack Canfield, Peter Russell and many other luminaries.