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Aladyah Hanon Yahudeh Bey
Your Pitch

WE currently have a show here at BBs Radio on Thur night 5 PST called the Royal Priesthood Nation.... We are focused on raising everyones vibration by pineal gland activation.... Merkabah Activation for ascension along with world events and bring truth to the masses... I also do a show called dinar truth Matrix 3 nights a week Where we discuss world events and soul growth... Would love to be on your show.....thanks.


I am open to a wide variety of discussion topics... Ascension , soul expansion, global events, vatican, banking ect... Merkabah activation pineal gland right brain activation.... Biblical reference to the ascension process...kundilini... I am a family member of the Elite My family are from the Doles... former Senator Bob Dole.....