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5:42:09 AM (Wed) PDT



Third Stream View

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Show Host: 

Third Stream View brings the Libertarian viewpoint front and center, which is always missing from the tired and predictable "Left-Right" paradigm as always put forth by the usual status quo-talking heads' opinion cartel on TV programs like: ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, MSN, C-SPAN, Face the Nation, This Week, Real Time and most of talk radio.

There should always be a Third Party view present. Well, now that view IS present as I tirelessly advocate for Liberty, Property & Peace, which are largely part of the Jeffersonian Constitutional model.

I am not a gate keeper for the Left or Right. I always speak truth to power. I cannot be bought, I am not beholden to any special interest groups or political parties, nor can I be bullied or intimidated by political correctness. Most of what I advocate and believe in comes from standing on the shoulders of giants who are my historian, economist and philosopher heroes.

I passionately bring forth my style of hard-hitting, blunt, concise, observations and critiques with solutions to our many socio-economic problems based on my cut to the chase methodology which does not call for more government-imposed ''solutions'', regulations or taxes. Nothing I advocate seeks to further tax, regulate or deprive anyone of their Constitutional rights, their civil rights or their human rights. Many of my opinions are not necessarily the standard Libertarian view. I also make no secret as to my strong opposition to Zionism and I strongly oppose neoconservatism which has been parading around as "conservatism" for far too long.

I am my own policy wonk. I've been in the Libertarian movement since 1980 and ever since then, I have enthusiastically studied history(especially objective, intellectual, scholarly, Revisionist history), Austrian Economics, politics, philosophy, political economy and the Ethics of Liberty. You should know that often mixed in with all of these topics are my shameless wit and sarcasm along with my good, bad and tasteless humor.

I am also quite well-traveled OUTSIDE of the U.S. and I bring those cultural and social experiences with me too. I am an American who actually knows world geography and world history! I actually know about other cultures and traditions and I actually know that the rest of the world knows more about America than America knows about the world. I'll also be discussing the absolute necessity of holistic/alternative medicine, and since I am an accomplished musician, we'll be talking about music too.

I reject as would-be censorship these usual, cowardly terms which are often used to silence all peaceful, objective, intellectual, scholarly debate, inquiry and dissent: "racist, racism, anti-Semite, anti-Semitism, conspiracy, conspiracy theory, hate speech, unpatriotic, secession, Secessionist, neo Confederate and anti-American". However, due to the nature of some of the topics we'll be vigorously discussing, I choose to remain anonymous because there are powerful forces out there who would surely like to silence what I have to say and how I say it.

Thankfully for me and for you, I NEVER confuse Patriotism with loyalty to the government! I especially welcome your calls and I hope you'll become a part of my growing fan base.

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