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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 11 May 2021

The Bezmon Jones Show with Bezmon Jones

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The Bezmon Jones Show with Bezmon Jones on BBS Radio!

It all began when...
...I was sitting along a rocky cliff facing the Gravispoto Sea on the Velusian Hills of Azrakia. The wind surged over the waves which clapped in only a way when a storm is approaching...and a balsitor fell on my head. The balsitor is a fruit native to Azrakia, with a fairly soft exterior. It was after peeling this fruit...tearing off a piece of it...and swallowing it...when my voice and words totally changed. What you hear now, is the result of the revolution that came about...where all is expressed in ways that defy language...for any person of any language or background can understand....

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Bezmon Jones

Bezmon Jones