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Weekly talk show in which we interview people that have gone through tremendous struggles, have overcome and been able to succeed.  We also interview movers and shakers in the communities, as well as young artists who are trying to get their music recognized and authors who have written new books.  We also have a world news component that keeps our listeners connected to what's going on around us.  Therefore, that's what gave birth to the name The Faith Connection for the show.

A podcast for soulful influencers and lightworkers who want to use the power of Love to build a more inclusive, just, and caring world. Hosted by former lawyer, now channel and spiritual coach Jenny G. Randolph, each episode features insights and interviews to empower you to live and lead with soulful purpose and impact, then wraps up with a unique meditative spiritual experience with Jesus and the angels. 

THE VOICE OF THE  ASHTAR COMMAND radio shows serve to empower you in acquiring consciousness reference points for your present level of awareness. Self actualization and Spiritual integration enable you to be more effective in serving your Earth mission.

Our BBS radio shows are quantum awareness Intensives especially designed to provide deeper insight into your life as an immortal Divine Whole Light Being, your Soul purpose and how to integrate that into your daily life. Various...

Soon to retire Reverend born in the Caribbean, to parents who passed away when I was a child, without kin. I am here to declare that Jesus Christ is the son of Almighty God and through Him salvation is possible and is one's only hope for eternal life.

All Shows have been removed by management, until further notice!

Who craves to know more, do more, BE more? How can we plow through the perceived or real obstacles that hold us back from shining our true inner light? The world needs you and your unique gifts. As human beings we are influenced by every sight, sound, touch, smell, experience, and taste. Some influences are subtle and others are traumatic. How do they all affect us?

How does gut health affect our mental health? How do you survive and even thrive after divorce? How can you take on...

2 Guys Undercover with Jeff Jeff and cohost Mike Mike

This is the place to find out what really happens behind the curtain. We take on politics, economics and conspiracy theories! 

Want to know the reason, or perhaps you know the reason why, then tune in and call in 888-627-6008, and be a part of the show, or text them during the show at: 516-300-2468

AND after the show......text them and or email them at:

Digital dialog

As we enter the digital age,

the frequency and amplitude of change
continues to increase in every part of our lives.

We must use digital tools to survive.

When properly used, digital tools enable the savvy to thrive.

We explore the intersections, overlaps, and voids of today's digital reality
and the many ways we create and deliver value as we align our resources with our...

The Tony Sands Show is a premier sports and training information site, providing the latest in player and team information and behind the scene news. 

The Tony Sands Show is put together and run by Tony Sands. 

The Tony Sands Show provides the latest in player and team information, while giving listeners the behind the scene news. 

The Tony Sands Show also provides one of the top training programs for all athletes at all levels.

Ancient Wisdom is Today’s Greatest Health Secret that brought the Renaissance and also inspired our Founding Fathers to form our great United States of America. The Master Survivor will be applying Modern Laboratory Analysis to Enhance Traditional Greek Medicine, Wisdom and Therapies.  

In the early 1980's, I worked with one of the first pioneers of the scientific modality - Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), finding the right diet to experience life free of disease. I owned and...

The Pain Drain Doctor with Dr Sylvia Hood Washington, is a show primarily focused on how to use natural techniques and medical products, like the BEMER,  to support patients who have  CHRONIC PAIN, CHRONIC SWELLING, CIRCULATION ISSUES  or a CHRONIC DISEASE  (like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes,  hypothyroidism, FIBROMYALGIA, LYMPHEDEMA, LIPEDEMA...

Digital Transformation with Jack Maher and Jay Matta

We explore what Digital Transformation is, and is not, to help organizations leverage their resources most efficiently, and to fuel their growth through increased speed to market, greater innovation, and responsiveness to changes in their environment and stakeholders. Episodes address specific topics and/or interview leaders who share their journey to date with the goal of helping others emulate their successes and avoid their...

Janice C Miller, R.N. B.S.N. J.D.
Nurse-Attorney, Administrative Law Judge (Retired)

Hello, I’m Janice Miller and I would like the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am excited about being the host of my own Radio Show and Podcast. I hope that as you tune-in this will be a journey that you as our audience and guest will thoroughly enjoy. As a Registered Professional Nurse and Attorney, I know the importance of real discussions, dialogue, fairness,...

New Beginnings with Kolean Sanders and Sheldon Gooch

Kolean Sanders and Sheldon Gooch share in graphic detail about our nation’s hottest issues. Then they share a step-by-step process out of the darkness into the light, how to plant seeds today for a better tomorrow, and how to get free to set a new course on life.

  • Starting over again
  • Life after abuse
  • Beginning again after prison
  • Breaking free from bitterness
  • Launching your new life...

Uncommon Sense - Children and School with David Willson

This show will provide the following:

  • The opportunity for all school and family members to ask questions
  • The opportunity to better understand your own role and the roles of others
  • The opportunity to learn about the importance of all school staff roles, including teacher aides, kitchen staff, maintenance staff, bus drivers, secretarial staff, and administrative staff – everyone!
  • The...

Our focuses on all aspects of the Natural wellness Industry which includes all subjects and therapies relating to natural solution for health and wellbeing, from “Alternative Medicine” to “Personal Growth”, to exploring the spiritual realm. Everything for the mind, body and soul.

We interview owners and manager of spas, retreat centers, publishers, schools, institutes, yoga studios, professional associations, therapists, speakers, professional educators in personal growth and natural...



This Show focuses on all aspects of Society and Culture which includes all subjects that do not fit into the Conscious Wellness Category.

We interview entrepreneurs, visionaries, innovators, political and cultural leaders and many more categories, too long to list.


Beyond Mind with Christina Winslow is a biweekly broadcast on BBS Radio, Saturdays at 7pm PST, 9pm EST. Christina Winslow is a best selling author, founder of Alchemy of the Mind™ and Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ with SOUNDSYNCTECH™, an international spiritual hypnosis online and live training program for the next gen. Join Christina as she explores quantum physics, neuroscience, brainwave entrainment, subconscious mind reprogramming, past life regression, parallel realities, multidimensional...

Reach For It Radio™ is a live weekly broadcast on BBS Radio, hosted by best selling author Christina Calisto Winslow. Tune in every Thursday at 11am PST, 2pm ET, for an enlightening and entertaining hour about life, love, finances, spirituality, health, and business as Christina challenges the status quo. This show is dedicated to assisting listeners to reach higher to attain what they really want out of life. Christina brings no-nonsense and practical tools to her listeners though her...

Silverjoyner Radio Show with Dr Silver Joyner

Every other Saturday 3:00pm - 4:00pm

- Get Your Mind Right! Career/Life Reviews
- Relationship Talk
- silverjoyner book club
- Movie Review
- Silverjoyner 2% News

Dear Alternative and Complementary Health Practitioner,

A bold adventure awaits you.

Are you looking for a way to enlarge your client base, enhance your practice, educate more people in your particular alternative health discipline?

Introducing the


Health Awareness International was founded by Beverly Townsend, RN, a currently practicing nurse with an extensive background in complementary...

Health in Action Live with Annette Blanchard. Listen and learn the self care secrets to running the marathon of life. Interviews with leading authors, world renowned physicians, and noble prize winning scientists. The hottest supplements, natural alternatives for reversing disease, and enhancing health and wellness for men, women, children, seniors and our pets. Entertaining, stimulating and education. 

Our host Rob Potter will cover many diverse sundry paranormal and other worldly topics. Rob will share his insights into all things metaphysical and spiritual.

  • Rob is a contactee of the Pleiadeans and the Venusians. He is doing his best to emphasize the peaceful intentions and hopeful future for humanity as encouraged by our friendly space family.

  • There is a lot of speculation from many sources in regards to Extra Terrestrials or space family, as Rob likes...

A Healing Journey with Andrew Godfrey is a lesson about the process people can go through who have survived a traumatic event and want to heal. By making yourself vulnerable and speaking about your experience, you will release the negativity inside and begin to feel better.

Key phrases - Self help, healing trauma, mental health, authentic relationships, openness and vulnerability, positive outlook, one world, common good, beauty inside and out, true purpose.

The Kristen Hagopian Show is a money-saving, time-saving, sanity-saving Show that takes a humorous glimpse each week into the life of Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host & Columnist Kristen Hagopian.  Broadcasting directly from her studios in Philadelphia, she shares easy, proven strategies on how she and her family live a luxurious life without...