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It's a live internet radio call in show for and about the Ron Paul Revolution. It serves as a media outlet for campaign announcements and news, a vehicle for the organization of Ron Paul support, a medium for the dissemination of ideas and tactics and a tool for the mobilization of large numbers of supporters in the movement to elect Ron Paul as our next President.

"The Freedom Message" is the ultimate source of information and hub for discussion of the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign. "The Freedom Message" chronicles the progress of the amazing firestorm of popular support for Dr. Ron Paul's Presidential bid. There will be live statements from the candidate himself along with Q&A, interviews with campaign staff and live reports of developing campaign stories and interviews with key figures in the election process. Ron Paul Radio also provides Ron Paul supporters with a forum for the exchange of ideas, the coordination of plans, the announcement of events and the discussion of important political developments.

"The Freedom Message" is an independent effort of individual supporters of the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign and is not an official organ of the campaign

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