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Opening the Doors of Heaven - The purpose of life is to mirror the divine perfection of the Infinite, understanding our relationship with the divine and with our fellow human beings, as well as the most precious role of all: being the microcosm of the macrocosm, will be discussed on these illuminating and inspiring shows. An experience not to be missed.

Almine is a Toltec three-pronged Nagual, mystic, healer, and teacher, who for years has traveled through many countries empowering thousands of individuals drawn to her comprehensible delivery of advanced metaphysical concepts.

Almine's Purpose

The way-showers of the world are my mission and my inspiration. My life is dedicated to you, the capstone of humanity. You are the ones who are not afraid to lay down old belief systems and open to the inpouring of Spirit.

We have come through time and space together, from the first moments of created life, meeting upon this planet to turn the keys that will begin the journey home, back to the heart of the Infinite. I have been called forth for the specific task of touching the hearts of those who are the pillars of the temple, who uphold humanity by the light of their presence both now and in the future.

It is to you that I dedicate the teachings. May your hearts recognize the many levels of light they impart. May you and I pull forth even more light in the future so we may fill the earth with hope and peace and lay the path to a new tomorrow.

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