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The Onyoradiodial Show is a live talk show based on topics ranging from new niche's in the industry to open discussions. The show provides a discussion platform setting about the industry, the old and the new.

The show hosts a variety of indie artists from various genres to share their experiences on a more comprehensive and personal level. I also shine the light on their beginning experiences in the industry.

My blog site conveys informative tips and more effective methods of marketing, promoting, royalties, and distribution of Indie artists music.

Basically I cover unknown facts that over 85% of Indie artists don't know or have little known knowledge of how to obtain that information through an array of finding by the host(me), co-host, and the guest.

We also offer artist debate times during the last minutes of the show about what's good and what's not so good opinions and facts to follow up on for their​​ future visits.

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