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Dennis Unc D Morgan
Dennis Morgan
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North Little Rock
Spokesperson for Rocked Up Records, Publicist, Talk Show Host, and WordPress Blogger

Music is the only thing I truly have a passion for. Music has always given me the freedom of expression. Only those with true passion for it understand what it means to hear a solid good note. My ability to navigate through a crowd blind folded and find the person out of pocket on a single note is not a talent, it’s what GOD intended to install within me. That’s how inclined I am to the music…no matter what kind is presented or heard by me.

This thing called “STREET CREDIBILITY” I’ve never crossed anyone and stayed loyal to all who was in my circles…even beyond the code! Yes, I have a history of regrets and should have’s that’s pretty extensive, but, never once did I take anyone with me. The aftermath of my wrong decisions have inspired me to do something totally different with the rest of my life. With that being said and collected selectively from my AboutMe page on WordPress, I am only here to inform my listeners on more effective ways on campaigning their project's in this industry as well as valuable tools for their movements.