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    I was at Area 51/S-4 in 2003, the Gray Android (not alien) Production facility sub levels 1.1 to 21.1.

    It's horrendous how these are created, 2 fetuses and a 15 year old girl must die to create 1 gray.

    I am a victim of MKULTRA CIA mind control since 1963 at age 5 by then Ranger Maj. Creel Helton who was the first guy to go out with a knife all night long in the Korean war.

    My later main CIA handler was delta force Support Commander.
    Charles L Kneif. I was never officially in the military. I was a mind controlled "sleeper", who was not supposed to remember.
    I filed a claim in 2001 with Congressman Driers office and Drier was bought off by the CIA
    I had a full VA dept investigation in 2002 with the head of the VA dept in 2002 with ret, Col Joseph N Smith. Even though Col. Smith knew of all my opp names service and military actions as well of how CIA MKULTRA works and was used, because my finger prints were not on regular file with the DOD he could not help me, (no one in special opps finger prints are on file in the regular file).
    I have filed a claim with Congressman Mica's office on 4/06 and the CIA/DOD were supposed to answer Congressman Mica's office within 2 weeks as of 1.5 years ago.
    My opp names are as follows:
    1 Capt Ugene B. Culson , buds class 99 in 76 staring phase 2 in Norfolk.

    2 Gen. Ugene B. Culson Delta Force first major action as Culson in Vietnam with green beret "bunker hill action"12/73.

    3 Gen Lin C Thomson Ranger made famous as major Thomson in Afghanistan. known as Lawrence of Afghanistan during the Russian era starting in 1979.

    4 Green Beret Gen James T Wheeler made famous as Capt Wheeler at "the battle of jack ass straits"Vietnam 12/74.

    5 Lt Gen. Boyle T Browning Force Recon. I wrote 3 editions of the classified book "advanced infantry tactics", as Browning.

    6 Col. Hal Phillips Tompkins Air Force. I wrote the classified book" advance fighter tactics" as Tompkins. I was never fully flight qualified but if your delta or seal rated, if you can fly the flight simulator you go up in the real fighter aircraft.
    I came up with "3 stage reverse blast combustion" process which is the concept that made the "Aurora project" air craft work in 1991 for the SR-72, BSR-73 and the F-22 raptor.

    I figured out the 6 missing links for the "X-83" which will replace the "space shuttle", these "6 missing links" were stolen from me in vis "sodium penithal" 10/06 by Northrope Grunman.

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