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Rev. Cherise Thorne

Through knowing spirit, usual boundaries and limitations were dissolved and I was able to see the other side and into the hearts and souls of others. I found I could help them make choices and clear karma that could liberate their souls and change their lives, too. By sharing my teachings through this show, my practice and the New Dawn School of Enlightenment, I am fulfilling my soul's purpose and greatest joy; to help others find freedom and peace in Knowing Spirit.

I channel the divine healing energy of All That Is to allow recipients to connect with their deepest spiritual essence. This connection frees the soul from the old preconceived beliefs and thoughts that have been keeping its consciousness stuck in the lower realms. All That Is, the primordial energy or life force that created and sustains the universe, determines exactly where energy needs to go and what energy-blocks need to be released and cleared for recipients' renewal and regeneration.

Healing through accessing All That Is is a catalyst for a powerful rebirth experience and is one of the most ancient form of healing practiced by those who recognized that All That Is, was none other than themselves, undifferentiated and powerful beyond our human conception. By expanding their consciousness out to the All That Is essence, they could facilitate releasing the soul from the unconscious cycles or karmic patterns that had impeded it from experiencing the bliss of freedom.

It is an honor to offer healing through Spiritual Intuitive and Astrological counseling, Soul Retrieval, and Light Body Activations to those seeking to fully enjoy their existence and be the Knowing Spirit that they are.

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