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Juicy Traffic Stories with Liz with Dr. Elizabeth Escoto
Dr Elizabeth Escoto

As humans, we spend over 50 percent of our time in our cars traveling on the road. The significance of this is that we establish a relationship with the road whether we like it or not. Experiences vary and are wide ranged, depending on a given day. Sometimes we witness horrible accidents - sometimes it’s dealing with someone else’s anger that one has to make peace with. Other times, being caught in traffic is just downright frustrating and one needs a lighthearted distraction as a way to relieve stress.

These stories were born from having lived through Chicago’s traffic. Some are humorous, some satirical, but all serve to be uplifting and light – just what you need while waiting for traffic to move! These stories are universal to humans across the globe no matter what city you are from.

Come join me and call in with your own stories – I’d love to hear from people with all kinds of traffic experiences or - just share a life story - share it all!

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