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What is Your Destiny?

There's a mystical curiosity in us all...

…No matter how entrenched we are in worldly matters. Discover the guidance, inspiration, and sense of humor that psychic-numerologist Sally Faubion has brought to her public appearances and private readings for over 35 years.

Sally is a well known numerologist who has appeared on numerous TV and radio talk shows. She has served as an expert on the meaning of numbers for The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, ABC, CBS, and other media outlets. As a professional lecturer, author, consultant and educator, Sally has a growing following of clients from all walks of life.

Numerology Readings

Sally Faubion provides people with insight and practical guidance into the future. In today’s complex environment, everyone must identify and understand their issues and their strengths in order to affect more enlightened results. Sally’s customized programs and services provide everyone the best in practical guidance and structured information that can be used for personal and professional growth.

Readings for individuals are available covering any subject, i.e. marriage dates, best names for newborns, business success, or compatibility of mates, co-workers, or bosses. Receive enlightening insights into your children’s personalities and your own. Choose the best time to move, change jobs, or retire.

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