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The Allen Davis Show with Allen Davis
Show Host
Allen Davis

Allen Davis is a unique (Clear) thinking person. He looks at politics and current events then asks the question”Who benefited and what was the end result.” He believes that most things happening in the world today are connected and are leading society in the same direction.

Allen talks about:

  • The economy
  • the war in Iraq
  • the war in Afghanistan
  • 9-11
  • Illegal immigration
  • Gay marriage
  • Our public school system
  • The divorce rate
  • ADHD in kids
  • The anti depression drug problem
  • Anything he feels strongly about

You may agree or disagree with Allen. But one thing is for sure, he will get you thinking and making up your own mind -instead of just thinking about what mainstream media wants you to think about. On this show the Sheeple turn into People, more powerful and more aware! Let the fight for your mind begin!

Allen broadcasts his show live from his office in downtown Salt Lake City Utah. He encourages calls and emails from listeners.

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