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The Military Exchange Talk Show with Corporal Timothy Thornton

The Military Exchange Talk Show with Corporal Timothy Thornton and Guests Mike and Bob

Alx Uttermann is a devotee of Sri Kaleshwar, and includes his "Big Bosses" his Divine Lineage of Shirdi Baba, Jesus Christ; and Mother Divine in India. Healer-in-Chief at Healing Feeling - Lifechanging Zeal and Teacher/Healer/Minister at Universal Church Of Baba's Kitchen (UCBK) Alx shares her stories of miracles,  perceptions of world traumas, aspirations for humanity and healing.  Full moon rituals and womb healings release many into greater possiblity.  Alx is a delightful soul with ancient wisdom and a powerful intentional spirit for new beginnings. 

What does being a WARRIOR mean today? We’ll find out by talking to a warrior in the true sense, my guest Reverend Bill McDonald. Who is Bill? Warrior, poet, author, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, and non-paid Veteran advocate and lobbyist - he’s counseled several thousand veterans over the past three decades and been recognized by the US Congress and the State of California for his tireless assistance to veterans and their families dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Veterans Day is this Wednesday, November 11, 2015 and we will have three veterans on the show to talk about what it means to have served our country. In honor of Veterans Day, may we reflect and say thank you to all the men and women veterans, whether they served in peacetime or in conflicts of war. We appreciate the brave and selfless sacrifices they made in the name of freedom . . . our freedom.

Lena Live with Lena Miremonde with guest host Julian Lampert. Today's special appearance by New York Veterans Hall of Fame inductee Dr. Olivia Hooker…

Someone in the neighborhood has just come back from protecting you in a fight, and after having him take a couple of hard knocks for you, you then decide to ignore him and put him aside for a while, but only until you need him again to protect you, but by that time he’ll be too old to fight as hard as he use to, when he was young.  This is what veterans do.  And just as they looked out for you as soldiers, now you must look out for them as veterans.

Mary Markovich is a specialist on dealing with veterans benefits. Today thousands of vets are waiting to be assisted but the quadmire of backlog and not knowing exactly what to do creates a lot of stress and difficulty in processing benefits.  Mary will be sharing her expertise with us.  Tell your friends and family who might be interested to tune into the show.  This information is vital.