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"If you ain't movin,' than you ain't happenin"
This thought occurred to me many years ago.  I'l admit, I'm a dancer--a trained dancer, no less (I was a trained parakeet, BTW, in an earlier life time)  So I have a bias.
But as far as a I sense reality, everything's in motion...
We may pass through stillness and sit side by side with stillness, and though the "stillness" may be quiescent, we............... are still moving.
And a lot of it is spinning and we love spinning, don't we.
Mastery is only gained through self-conscious effort, one must apply it to get results, just wishing won't do it.
- St. Germaine


Do you feel a presence? That presence is not your mind; but is your Soul.  

The mind might be lost in contemplation, wonder or daydreaming as the  inner dialogue happens in the presence of the soul. So let's instead  take a  few moments to become aware and  just ...   

                             B   R   E   A   T   H

Pure Soul expression ignites your Soul & Transform your life !