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Join us this Sunday as we discuss the race for statehood! Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and "New California" are all vying to become the 51st State. The competition is fierce, the outcomes are important and the rationales are as different as night and day. Call in with your questions and comments. You know how we feel; now let us know how you feel. Who should get the next star on the American flag?

Our co-host, Maria Sanchez, has been gone due to her Father's death. But, she's back with us today to cover current and national events going on in the world! She will also honor her Father - reflecting on her loss and letting us know who her Father was and how he influenced her life. We'll also be talking to Kriston Capps, a staff writer for CityLab, covering housing, architecture and politics, who wrote an article about 'Why Puerto Rico Needs Statehood' in the wake of hurricane Maria. Join us! 

Our guest is Hector Rodriguez, president and founder of the National Latino Alliance for DC Statehood. He was born in Puerto Rico and arrived in Washington DC in 1968 after serving with the US Army in Vietnam. During the Lyndon B. Johnson administration, he developed initiatives from the White House to reverse poverty and increase Latino participation in federal programs. After his proposal in 1970, the mayor of Washington created an Office of Spanish Speaking Affairs.