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With the myriad of spiritual beliefs and ways to access the mysterious of the universe as vast as the universe, is there a way to definitely experience the divine? Can we connect without years of meditation or study? Is the vast gift of divine connection only for the few or can anyone discovery the beauty and healing capacity of this energy?

Wonder where Sri & Kira have been? Aware of the immense shifts on the planet? Feeling the energy and wanting to anchor it into your life easily?


Daily we seem to experience some form of fundamentalist experience coloring the scenery of our lives.  From the drama of the news to the day to day expression of points of view things are heating up and this energy IS influencing our world.  Sri and Kira offer a unique and intriguing sharing about this energy and why during the month of May it is the perfect time to have this discussion.

Is fundamentalism limited to one aspect of humanity or does it influence more?

Why is it rising and does it serve a purpose?