sponsor or advertiser

Acknowledge the sponsor or advertiser in headlined show posts, blogs and articles

If you were to add the phrase, "This program was brought to you by SPONSOR NAME and SPONSOR LINK in the "Body" field in your Blogs and Articles, or in the "Upcoming Information" (Headline A Show) content types, that phrase would get maximum coverage.

Upload sponsor and advertiser text files and other handouts to your show page

Upload sponsor and advertiser text files and other handouts to your show page, including .doc, .pdf, and .txt files like coupons, books, promotional leaflets, and other text based information to read or download

Add an audio expressions to the top of your talk show page

You have the ability to upload any audio expression (audio file), in almost any format, of almost any length, to the top of your show page, with the ability to title the audio file and link that title to your sponsor and/or advertiser's website.

Syndicate their information during live broadcasts and in podcasts

Unlike for regular radio advertisement heard on AM or FM radio, this show could possible play forever via Internet radio, getting an ever increasing number of listeners, for decades, for as long as the information exits on a hard drive.

Create or obtain a graphic banner and audio expression

How to advertise your sponsors and advertisers! Your sponsor and/or advertiser probably has a logo, or some other image they want you to use, just ask them! An audio expression is also easy to create or obtain. It's just some words (ad copy) with music in the background.
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