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If you were to add the phrase, "This program was brought to you by SPONSOR NAME and SPONSOR LINK in the "Body" field in your Blogs and Articles, or in the "Upcoming Information" (Headline A Show) content types, that phrase would get maximum coverage, because those content types are syndicated to BBS Radio's home page, both Station 1 and Station 2 schedule pages, on the main schedule page, in the Newsroom, on your show profile page, on BBS Radio's LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter social sites, as well, yours (just make sure you've linked your social sites - it only takes seconds), and all the

Upload sponsor and advertiser text files and other handouts to your show page, including .doc, .pdf, and .txt files. Sometimes your sponsor or advertiser has electronic information for download, like coupons, books, promotional leaflets, and other text based information that can be read or downloaded at leisure. This information will be located near the top middle of your program page.

You have the ability to upload any audio expression (audio file), in almost any format, of almost any length, to the top of your show page, with the ability to title the audio file and link that title to the sponsor or advertiser's website. You can add audio expressions to your talk show page in seconds (that's featuring their audio ad, featuring their name/title, and linking to their website - and it only takes a few seconds). Just press the link in the USER MENU entitled "Upload Audio Clip"!

Mention the sponsor or advertiser, and their message, while live on air broadcasting, or play a customized audio expression during your show breaks, so it's embedded within a show. Unlike for regular radio advertisement heard on AM or FM radio, this show could possible play forever via Internet radio, getting an ever increasing number of listeners, for decades, for as long as the information exits on a hard drive.

A graphic image is usually easy to create or easy to obtain. Your sponsor or advertiser probably has a logo, or some other image they want you to use, just ask them! If they do not, we can create one for you for for a nominal fee. An audio expression is also easy to create or obtain. It's just some words (ad copy) with music in the background. If your sponsor or advertiser doesn't have one, make them one! Offer it out as a part of your 'package' deal! If you use BBS Radio's services, then we make it super simple!