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Det David and Dr Lana Love speak with author Gerald Clark and alchemist Christa Clark about Planet X, the history of Annunaki, the originsof Humanity, and the twin flame aspect of this subject.

Gerald Clark is the author of The 7th Planet Mercury Rising and The Annunaki of Nibiru.

Christa Clark is known as the artist vega

Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn Free

Dr Lana and Det David Love speak with Hollywood producer, Channeler, and Blogger Mathew Hart. Mathew Hart is a noted channeler for the “The Guardian Alliance”. He writes about his experiences and spirit communications with the Guardians on the popular blog - Mathew will be sharing his experience with “The Guardians”, and their message to Humanity.

Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn Free

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace

Paradigm Shifters presents quite the wizard, Intuitive and Healer, Mas Sajady. After a dark night of the soul and two near death experiences, he became able to work outside of his body, in the universal realms, to realize how you fit into life - your life and the whole scene.  His work is mesmerizing and we'll be discussing our "distortions" - meaning the reactions we have developed through the tours of our lives, perhaps from family lineage or world influences, your soul's experiences gathering more and more information, but always, under it all, is your true nature.

Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn Free

Lorraine Eldridge is an energy medicine healer, body talk practitioner, public speaker, and alternative currency expert.

Lorraine will be talking to Dr Lana and Det David Love about the many benefits of gold and an exciting new gold-backed financial exchange system.