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Let's Talk Corelicious Leave Room For Dessert Podcast with Miss V The Core Life Coach

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie and Julie Peters

Topic: This week Christine Marie and Julie do a deep dive on two callers Dan Savage had on his podcast and how wonderful it is to expand all definitions. Enjoy!

Dare to Dream with Debbi Dachinger and guest Podcast Posse

Today, Janet and Joan go more deeply into accessing Heart Space for transformation. We invite you to use this hour to consider a situation or issue going on in your life. Open to Universal Consciousness and allow it to be different by the end of the show. You have a triple-whammy of transformation today! Joining us to play in the heart field is Justice Bartlett, Transformative Consultant and Intuitive Coach. Janet and Joan have known Justice for over 8 years. Justice helps people heal physically mentally and emotionally and live In-Heartened lives.

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Taking Risks and Consciousness.  How to redefine risk out of fear based perspective. Relabel it as taking a chance, opportunity, possibilities. From Consciousness in heart space there is no risk, it is all just a wonderful ride!