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Ted Mahr and the Ascension with messages from George Washington, JFK, Adama, and The Pleiadeans. Radio Sol Austria.

Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and guests Pia & Cullen and The Starseed

Pia and Cullen, channel a group of Pleiadeans called “Laarkmaa”.

Pleiadean Starseed – Trips to Mt. Shasta and Sedona; Time travel on this Earth to the beginning of time and meeting with the Pleiades

Messages from Mermaids & Mermen by Ted

ET Yoga with Charles Green

Spiritual Journey toward self-realization, Pleiadians on artificial intelligence, cloning, 5G tech, and Russia Ukraine war

Mary Rodwell talks about the new kids, which is the subject of The New Human - Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage.  Her many interviews reveal hundreds of alien/ET interventions, abductions, teachings and guidance.  Many came in from other dimensions, such as the 9th, with skilsets far beyond the archaic knowledge we consider "cutting edge".  They come in to shift the world, and one says they estimate 95 to 100% success - this time!

ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst and guest, Wes Annac talking about Information from the pleiadians