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When necessary, broadcasters can prerecord shows during times and days that are different from their regularly scheduled broadcasting time slot, at no charge.  Although this does require an extra hour of studio time (one to prerecord and another to broadcast) instead of just the normal one hour we do not charge a fee for this service. This allows the hosts and guests the freedom and flexibility to tape their broadcasts during more convenient times. Guests living in other times zones, especially guests living oversees, greatly enjoy this benefit!

Broadcasters have the flexibility to change the timing of their live broadcasts, to any open time slot that is shown to be available on either station 1 or station 2. This includes the ability to change the hours of their broadcasts and the days of the week of their broadcasts. Broadcasters may also change the frequency of their broadcasts, from daily to weekly, weekly to bi-weekly, or to multiple hours a day or multiple times a week. This process is simple and painless, and takes our staff minutes to accomplish any desired changes!

Live on-demand broadcasting of your chosen podcasts at times and days of your choosing! You may choose any open time slot on either Station 1 and Station 2. If there is no show scheduled during a desired time slot, you can choose to broadcast a podcast to our live audience during that hour! Your Show will appear on the Main Schedule and on the Station Schedule prior to your broadcast. Simply email us your show name, your podcast title and the time and date you wish to broadcast. (On Demand Live Broadcasting of your Podcasts! Livecast your Podcast!)