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Tony Alamo

True love is the keeping of God's commandments. Who are these devils in the Vatican that are telling us to do something anti-Bible, antichrist?

Michael J Murphy returns with news about his 3rd film on geoengineering (chemtrails), called "UNconventional Grey - Geoengineering and the Climate Change Agenda", to be released this June.  He is empowering us, in this last film, to take action to stop chemtrails legally, and ties geoengineering to "Agenda 21", which just passed, synchronized with other corporate partnerships to remove the last of our freedom.

JULIAN ROSE returns to share numerous insights regarding the "global agendas" hastily leading towards a One World Government.  This is a "no holds barred" interview, which contains information which may surprise, as it informs.  Towards the end, we talk about "Beyond Black", and the necessity to align with our spiritual nature and take critical actions now, not later.  Don't miss this show!

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