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Harness and TRANSFORM the experience of this prolific Mercury Retrograde TODAY!

Through the profound power of passionate action you will spread your wings and prepare for take-off!  Imagine your life with EVERYTHING aligned and available.  Unlock the flame of your divine power as you harness the transformative experience of this energetic moment!

Are you ready to trust or addicted to doubt?  To manifest the magic of your divine destiny, there is a blessing as you harness passionate action to clear out the past & free yourself from unwanted patterns that keep you stuck.

During times of retrograde, we are presented with opportunities to find resolution with our past and the people who have been in our lives.  Are people from your past, sometimes your distant past, finding you during this time of retrograde?

A profound Mercury Retrograde experience is close! This can support you to let go and LOVE the life you are living right now! Feeling your energy stirring inside? That deeper knowing that there is so much more to life, yet you can’t quite put your finger on it.  History seems to be repeating itself and the outer world is screaming for you to conform to the same old ways.  Is your heart is telling you different?

Time to let go of CLINGING ON to the past when you can really LET  IT GO!

FLOURISH Through FEAR as you Gather Your Resources!

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Astrology from the perspective of Consciousness. Reality is a hologram, and everything in it is created by Consciousness, thus able to change at any moment. Where does Astrology fit into this construct? We talk about having fun and playing in this realm of density and effort!

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Misunderstanding and Consciousness. Wars occur from misunderstandings.  Disagreements arise because we bring our baggage, our historical patterns of behavior, into present relationships and work situations.  In Heart Space we can see a bigger picture of what is really going on. In Consciousness we realize the world isn't out to get us. We even misunderstand our selves and our bodies, in heart awareness we can slow down and pay attention, averting illness and conflict.

with sri ram kaa and kira raa

The Earth is twinning, the moon is full and we are entering the shadow of a powerful Mercury retrograde!  More than ever, now is the time to pay attention the the energies of our planet as sustainable "waves of enlightenment"!  Yet, everything is changing and polarity is reaching powerful new highs everyday.  
Sri and Kira share extensive information and tips on how to navigate this potential storm of energy for success!  The lines are open so call in with your questions, sharing and soul,reading requests.

Astrological Updates for 2014-2015, Join Christina Calisto Winslow, host of Reach For It Radio, as she interviews Eliza Graney, professional astrologer. Find out what the remainder of 2014 has in store for us and how to use astrology for our own well being. Eliza will talk about important dates coming up as well as historical events that have happened during similar alignments. We will also discuss what 2015 will bring in for the new year.