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Article by Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer May 1, 2016

Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer
Retrograde and Past People Returning

Happy Mercury Retrograde! We went into retrograde on 28 April 2016 and will get our âGet Out Of Retrograde Freeâ cards on 22 May 2016. There are other planets that are also currently in retrograde. Iâll talk about Mercury being in retrograde because itâs more of a familiar topic than the others.

During times of retrograde, we are presented with opportunities to find resolution with our past and the people who have been in our lives.  Are people from your past, sometimes your distant past, finding you during this time of retrograde?

If yes, you’ve got company.  It’s been happening to me, too.  They’re finding me on social media, and they’re finding me in my dreams.  One of them lives halfway around the world.  I said no to this person years ago.  No means no.  Another person found me after more than twenty years of not getting a response from me. It’s not going to happen this time, either. Isn’t it fascinating how our dropping contact with others makes them more interested in connecting with us than when we were actively in each others’ lives?

If you’re on the path to awakening, perhaps you’re wondering why people with whom you don’t want contact are rounding up their hunting dogs/your search engine footprints and tracking you down.  Are you sending out some sort of subconscious green light to all the ones from whom you’ve distanced?  After all the healing work you thought you’d finished, are you still running an energetic abuse program or flying a “Welcome Idiots” banner like you saw in the movie Love and Death?  Or, if it’s an ex, is it possible that they’ve finally wised up to your magnificence and are, as you are reading this, shopping for that perfect engagement ring and making dinner reservations for two at that hot bistro with the sparkling lighted patio and the six month wait for dinner reservations?

I just finished watching a movie on the Hallmark Channel, complete with fairy tale ending.  Can you tell?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a scanner to help you decide who’s back because they miss you and wholeheartedly want to be there with you and for you and who’s there because they miss the way they felt when they were around you, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth?

Hi.  My name is Sheryl, and I offer scanning services.

I combine my intuition with my training in a divination system that tracks your life from the day of birth until the day you leave.  I think it’s amazingly accurate, and so do many of my clients.

How does this relate to you?

What if the people who aren’t letting go gracefully are resisting one of the biggest challenges they came here to master, the art of accepting that relationships can end?  What if they’ve made up a story that their connection with you is all that and some to get out of doing the work of their souls?  Are you willing to stop them from growing?

If you believe we choose the day we’re born in order to have certain life experiences and master certain challenges, then perhaps you won’t be surprised to read that many people choose Mercury Retrograde to come back once more (cue the theme from Jaws) to either master an important lesson or to try to get out of mastering an important lesson.

Take the example of a group called the nines.  The nines typically live lives filled with loss:  loss of belief systems, loss of money, loss of security, loss of livelihood, loss of relationships, loss of connection to the Divine, loss of love,  loss of health, loss of many other things.  Many nines have a great fear of abandonment and make decisions based on the idea that “any relationship is better than no relationship.”  Other nines make up stories about avoiding relationship based upon the idea that “If I want to become like Christ, then my connection with God is the only relationship I need.”  I’ve seen nines use their innate creativity to make up stories to justify holding onto toxic relationships instead of letting go in search of something more soul satisfying.   Their partners left the relationship many years ago, if indeed they were ever really in it.  They are in a committed relationship with their story, not their partner, and stories can’t love you back.

Kind of makes you question that fantasy film proposal, doesn’t it?

Many come back during Mercury Retrograde for reasons having nothing to do with cherishing and being cherished.  Some want another to take on their guilt/pain/laziness/excuses/etc.  Some want to have another experience with us without the confinement of making a commitment.  Some think they want something with us, saying all the right things and getting our hopes up, then find a reason to vanish once more.  Some plan a meeting with us, only to realize they really want someone or something else after all.  Some want to go back into the old relationship without realizing that time has passed and we have changed.  Some want to be the one who gets to dump us this time.  There are other reasons, but I trust you get the idea.   It’s not always what it might appear to be.  Then again, it might be.

If someone from the past shows up during this time of retrograde and you’d like clarity before making any decisions, then contact me for a session.  I won’t tell you what to do.  Instead, I will look at your birth information and the other person’s birth information, I will look at where you are in your year and where the other person is in their year, and then I will share ideas and questions that might help you find the answers you want.

If this way of viewing your life has caught your interest, then please join me for a discussion of “How Do You Love?” on the 3 May 2016 edition of Catalytic Radio. Station 1 5-6 pm Pacific Time/8-9 pm Eastern Time.  I’ll be taking calls, and you might get a free mini reading.  Check the website for the appropriate phone number while the show goes live.  What do you do when life happens and people from your past show up?  Get Catalytic!

I’ve got to go.  Another Hallmark Channel movie is about to start.  My motto: Be realistic and keep believing.

“I had a reading with Sheryl – and it was amazing! I highly recommend giving this to yourself. Sheryl is warm, intuitive and direct. I loved it!! And you get a taped recording of your reading to keep and listen to!”  Debrah from California


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Are you finding your way back to life?  Are you wanting an infusion of let’s-get-back-to-living- spirit?  Did reading this blog light you up?  Good!  I invite you to visit and learn about the professional services I offer.   Let’s schedule a free consult to see if we’re a match for each other. 

Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer

Catalytic with host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer