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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Guest, Dorothy Graham O’Dell, Overcoming struggles with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and family trauma 

Author Dorothy Graham O’Dell discusses her book, The Overcomer, Facing Challenges with Faith and Courage” 

Tracy Tully Talks with Tracy Tully and Toni Lontis and guest Yogita Ridgley

Yogita Ridgley,  author of Finding Me Myself and I,,  author of Finding Me Myself and I,

My Family History
I was born in an Indian working class family, and my parents were both school teachers, now retired. My parents valued Education. I grew up with this Moto – Knowlege is Power.

SOS with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Topic: With the news of Jeffrey Epstein's and Ghislaine's recent arrest, it is time to understand what sexual trauma does to a human. From PTSD to Borderline Personality Disorder, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, even addictions healing the past is imperative. Scamming is something those who have been molested are especially subjected to. We'll uncover why?

Healng The Heart with Dr. Eric Love on BBS Radio - Show #13

Wild Oats: life purpose. 3 levels of healing (additional info to 3/30/2014 radio show). SAF organs for Parasitic infestation - Stomach and Adrenals. Forgiveness and emotional processing. Pine: for parasitic infestation, guilt, self-criticism, self-condemnation. low self-esteem and self-respect. too humble, too apologetic. Inadequate. Not good enough. Feel filthy inside. Guilt. Inferiority complex. Self-punishment.

Healng The Heart with Dr. Eric Love on BBS Radio - Show #11

How Love Healing System works. Underworld ghost river. Larch: for self-confidence, inferiority complex, low self-esteem, over-sensitive to criticism, expectation to failure because of self-doubt & lack of self-esteem, over-giving but cannot receive, fear of public speaking.