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Our guest, Ken Ferber, is the Founder/CEO of Trueify®, a company which helps professionals develop their unique personal brand and teaches them how to protect their reputation within the social media environment. Ken has more than 30 years of expertise in reputation management, CEO branding and crisis communications and is one of the few executives to lead reputation and communications functions in all three sectors - corporate, government and not-for-profit. He has represented such entities as a multi-billion dollar healthcare company, the Los Angeles Police Commission, and St.

Catalytic Radio with Host Sheryl Hirsch Kramer's stated mission is to celebrate the catalytic power of love.  Instead of discussing love, our next episode will celebrate the catalytic power of trust.  Can trust be taught?  If so, how?  Ken Ferber of Wolf Connection will share the inspiring story of how abused, rescued, and neglected wolves and high content wolf hybrids team with high risk youth who share similar backgrounds.  Wolf Connection is a youth education and empowerment program, with rescued wolves and wolfdogs as the centerpiece.

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to work with REAL wolves up close? Our guest, Ken Ferber is here to talk about the many years of being a volunteer for a wolf Sanctuary called the Wolf Connection.  Wolf Connection is a youth education and empowerment program, with rescued wolves and wolf dogs as the centerpiece. Wolf Connection believes that the deep understanding of our relationships with animals and the environment is paramount in our development as individuals, productive societies, and sustainable civilization on this planet.