It Happened To Me

E29-BULLYING: At Home, at work, at School. What to do to make it stop., January 30, 2018


Relationship Help Show with Dr Rhoberta Shaler

​INTRO:  Bullies at Work, ADHD, Raising Emotionally Healthy Children 

E25 - Hijackals, Conflict and Tough Conversations at Home and Work, January 2, 2018


Relationship Help Show with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

Unresolved Conflict is Like Bloodletting

GUEST: Charmaine Hammond - Conflict & Tough Conversations

NEW FEATURE:  It Happened To Me - Stories of Hijackals, Abuse, Overcoming, and Thriving from people around the world.  Today, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler tells her story. 

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