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How to help your Eucalyptus Tree and Others Live with the Anthracnose disease

This disease affects a variety of plants that live in a warm, humid environment. It does not just include Eucalyptus but sycamore, ash, oak, maple, and a host of other plants such as grasses and annuals. There is also now another type of anthracnose that also lives in colder climates.

How to Protect your soil, your Trees, your Garden from the Damages of Wind and Fire

With all the current fires and damaging winds, the soil is under a lot of stress. In turn, all the trees, flowers, lawns gardens are also stressed out. This will cause many problems for them. It will lead to more diseases and pests attacking them. Maybe even kill your trees a lot sooner than if they were healthy.

So what should you be doing to help keep the soil and your trees and garden healthy?

Let's go through it step by step:

The Trouble with Environmental Boundaries

A few lifetimes ago, I wrote a column entitled “How to Kill all Living Things in 50 years” 2000. I previously published a book called “How to Heal the Earth in your Spare time “ 1990. I guess you can see what age has done to me. I thought about updating it again, but what would be the point in saying “Opps too late”?

So I give up and just be me.

So, here goes:

Lawns and Pets. This week one listener sent in a question about her dog and the lawn fertilizer the gardener was using. Chemical fertilizers can often pose a threat to tender dog or cat paws, not to mention bare human feet. I'll cover the care of your lawn for the safety of everyone, organically of course!

Don’t Panic It’s Organic with andy Lopez aka Invisible Gardener

Got Oak Trees? Then you probably are not taking care of them properly! Many folks are over watering and fertilizing them incorrectly. This week we talk about the why's and how's to take proper care of these gorgeous trees!

Do you have problems with gophers, moles or squirrels in your garden or lawn area? I'll be talking about natural and organic ways to control these rodents!